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Caspari Center for Biblical and Jewish Studies

Happy New Year 5776 - Or, Calendar in Conflict

Entering a new year is always special. In a way, it gives us a new start, a feeling that it’s possible to leave something behind. According to the Jewish calendar, in the mo...

Being Prepared for the Front Line

This summer Hamas published some videos from their youth camps in the Middle East. Only 100 kilometers from Jerusalem, they literally trained kids for battle. It was a very di...

One of "Those"...

Living in Israel isn’t always easy, as those who have tried it can attest. For new-comers, moving to Israel requires an adjustment to the Middle-Eastern mindset, temperament...

Get a Life! Keep the Shabbat!

Get a Life! Keep the Shabbat! When I was younger, I often heard the phrase: "Don't burn your candle at both ends". I remember hearing this one time, in particular. I was ...

  • Happy New Year 5776 - Or, Calendar in Conflict

  • Being Prepared for the Front Line

  • One of "Those"...

  • Get a Life! Keep the Shabbat!

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