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Caspari Center for Biblical and Jewish Studies

Carl Paul Caspari (1814-1892)

This year we celebrated the 200th anniversary of Carl Paul Caspari after whom the Caspari Center was named. So...who was Carl Paul Caspari? Carl Paul Caspari was born into a ...

New Publications Update

New Activity Book for Children: "Learning The Fear of God with Yeshua" We are happy to present our new Activity Book for children: “The Fear of God with Yeshua”. Why this tit...

Shall We Replace You?

So-called replacement theology—the church replacing the nation of Israel in the plan of God—has become a popular topic in many heated debates. The term has such a negative con...

The Kotel at the Dawn of the New Year

From time to time I go to the Western Wall – or in Hebrew the Kotel – to pray. Standing before these ancient stones fills me with humility: Who am I in the big picture of hist...

  • Carl Paul Caspari (1814-1892)

  • New Publications Update

  • Shall We Replace You?

  • The Kotel at the Dawn of the New Year

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