November 30 – 1998


HaModia, B’Kehila, Shisha Yamim, Yom HaShishi, Mishpaha, Oct.30 1998


In a banquet hall in central Israel, people from all sectors of society gathered recently, but this was no family party. They had one thing in common: all had been saved from the jaws of the mission, and had been invited here by Yad L’Achim. At first they were shy, not wanting to reveal their “terrible secret.” But once the representative of Yad L’Achim invited someone to share his story, all the tension melted away. The stories they told were hair-raising – but the more shocking the story, the greater the joy that the person returned to Torah Judaism. After the testimonies, Yad L’Achim leaders and MK Pinchasi (author of the anti-missionary bill currently before the Knesset) said that the battle against missions has just begun, and must be fought both politically and by rescuing Jewish souls.




Yom HaShishi, Nov. 6 1998


A unique, exciting and fascinating evening on the topic “Revival and Strength for the Battle against Apostasy” was held in the Kiryat Malachi community center. It was organized by Yad L’Achim, with the assistance of the municipality, the Torah education department, the community center and the El HaMa’ayan educational system (which is affiliated with the Sephardic-Orthodox Shas political party – ed.).

The evening was opened with the story of Abraham and Sarai (sic) who converted people in Haran and brought them under the wings of the Shekhina (God’s glory or presence). In contrast, here we are dealing with missionary organizations which dig their nails into innocent Jews and tear them out from under the wings of the Shekhina. Afterwards a Yad L’Achim activist spoke about the devious schemes that missionaries use to capture new immigrants, especially from the CIS and Bukhara, as well as Sephardic Jews. He mentioned a number of shocking incidents that happened recently. The mayor spoke with much emotion against the missionary organizations and made a plea for assistance for Yad L’Achim.

The evening ended with the screening of a video, including shots from hidden cameras, which exposed missionary activity both in Israel and abroad. The public is requested to organize additional programs like this one.




Yated Ne’eman, Nov.5 1998


The heads of the anti-mission department of Lev L’Achim contacted Tourism Minister Moshe Katsav with the demand that the official tourism system cease cooperating with the missionary group which operates the “Galilee Experience” missionary center in Tiberias. Lev L’Achim accompanied this demand with documents proving that this group is engaged in missionary work, which includes illegal activities.

Lev L’Achim is worried about the preparations for the year 2000, when hundreds of thousands of missionaries will descend on the Holy Land and carry out missionary activities amongst its inhabitants. They are also concerned about the increase in missionary activity, which is marked by missionary broadcasts from a pirate radio station. In a legal opinion, they state that by broadcasting programs for children, the station is transgressing the law which forbids missionary activity aimed at minors. Lev L’Achim is demanding that these illegal broadcasts be stopped.




B’Kehila, Oct.30 1998


The Messianic Jews have started broadcasting missionary programs on an AM radio station called “Kol HaYeshu’ah” (the Voice of Salvation), which can be heard in the center of the country. The station is only part of the huge campaign aimed at convincing Jews to convert. Ads have been placed in the local secular press calling on Jerusalem residents to listen to the station.

The anti-missionary organizations are trying to prevent the continuation of these broadcasts. The head of Lev L’Achim stated, “We are doing everything we can to stop this station’s broadcasts. This is an illegal, pirate station, but we’re not sure it’s broadcasting from within Israel. They may be broadcasting from the Palestinian Autonomy, and then we can’t do anything except try to interfere with their broadcasts by technical means.” The legal departments of the anti-mission organizations are finding it difficult to word a legal statement against the missionary radio station which will not also harm the holy channels (orthodox Jewish radio stations, most of which are operating illegally – ed.).  Lev L’Achim’s legal department is working on an amendment to the anti-mission law which would forbid missionary broadcasts while allowing those calling for repentance and return to orthodoxy.




Arie HaMifratz, Kol HaTzafon, Oct.30 1998


A pirate radio station, Kol HaYeshu’ah, which can be heard in Haifa and the western Galilee, broadcasts the doctrines of the Messianic Jews (a Christian cult) in Hebrew for half an hour each day. A chance listener might think at first that this is one of the many religious stations in Israel. On Saturday night worship songs to Jesus were broadcast. The songs sound for the most part like Jewish religious songs, except for the fact that they’re sung by women. Other programs included a sermon on the book of Daniel, calls for tolerance of Messianic Jews by Israeli society, and diatribes against the orthodox who supposedly persecute cult members.




Yom L’Yom, Oct.22 1998


The Interior Ministry will prevent Christian missionaries entering Israel during the year 2000, according to Interior Minister Suissa.  His comment was in response to an urgent query by MK Raphael Pinchasi, following press reports about Christians who plan to commit suicide in Jerusalem and because of the widespread fear that missionaries will infiltrate Israel and try to hunt souls, especially in Jerusalem. Minister Suissa said that the Interior Ministry is prepared, and is cooperating with the police and Foreign Ministry. However, he stated that despite all the efforts he fears that unwelcome missionaries may penetrate the country amongst groups of harmless tourists.



Ha’Modia: Jerusalem religious daily. Very hostile to believers.

B’Kehila: Jerusalem religious weekly.

Shisha Yamim: Jerusalem religious weekly.

Yom Ha’Shishi: Jerusalem religious weekly. Hostile to believers.

Mishpaha/Hadashot Mishpaha: Jerusalem religious weekly.

Yated Ne’eman: National religious/political daily published in Bnei Brak. Very hostile to believers.

Arei HaMifratz: Haifa area weekly

Kol HaTzafon: Acco weekly

Yom L’Yom: Jerusalem religious/political weekly. Hostile to believers.