September 21 – 2010

September 21, 2010 Media Review

During the week covered by this review, we received 5 articles on the subject of Messianic Jews, Christian Zionism, and Christian sites. Of these:


Messianic Jews
HaShavua BiYerushalayim, September 16; Ashdod beKoterot, September 15; Makor Rishon, September 15, 2010

A final ruling has been made in the matter of the granting of a kashrut license to Pnina Conforty’s bakery, “Pnina Pie.” The High Court of Justice has just handed down a ruling that Conforty must abide by the requirements imposed by the Ashdod rabbinate. “Great joy swept through the city when the chief magistrates completely rejected the appeal of the ‘Messianic’ against the former ruling, even writing that there is no place to put Ashdod’s chief rabbi on trial.” According to HaShavua BiYerushalayim, the Court ruled that “‘We have found no reason to doubt the reliability of the factual evidence presented by the rabbinate.'” Likewise, Makor Rishon reported that the judges stated that Conforty “‘demonstrated no willingness to abide by the conditions imposed in order to receive a kashrut license but preferred to raise false claims. We thus rule that the charge of contempt of court be dismissed.'” Ashdod beKoterot noted that failure to abide by the rabbinate’s requirement will result in non-receipt of the kashrut license.


Christian Zionism
Yediot Ahronot, September 19, 2010

According to this piece, a group of evangelical Christians from “Word of Life” recently arrived in Israel “in order to learn how to help” Israel. The 1,500 represent a segment of “the best unofficial spokespeople around the world, creating monuments for Jews, aiding in bringing Jews to Israel and campaigning to defend Israel’s international reputation … They are some 600 million evangelical Christians who believe salvation will come only after the Jewish people return to their homeland – Greater Israel … At first glance their schedule resembles any other tourist timetable: A tour of Jerusalem, a dip in the Sea of Galilee, Shabbat at the Western Wall. But the visit is in fact a week-long seminar training the group’s members towards their PR task that awaits them in their 35 countries of origin. ‘Since its establishment in 1987 the organization’s aim has been to stand by Israel’s side,’ Dr. Ulf Ekman, a Swedish Protestant pastor who heads Word of Life, says. ‘As a Christian, identifying with Israel is a basic tenet. It is part of our culture and commitment. When one reads the Bible it’s simply impossible to be against the Jews. All these reasons make me a Zionist,’ he proclaims … According to the evangelical denomination, Jesus will be revealed to his followers and carry them to heaven after the biblical war of Gog and Magog. Jews, however are not part of the plan. Apart from a small group which will recognize Jesus’ divinity, all humans will be annihilated. The vision can only occur after Jews return to Greater Israel, which explains why they’re so set on helping us. ‘Granted, we are mostly evangelicals, but we don’t deal with what the future will bring but with how to help Israel now,’ Dr. Ekman explains. ‘What I know now is that every Jew has the right to be here and no one has the right to tell you “you don’t belong here.” All Christians are indebted and grateful to Israel in their hearts. Bible-loving Christians are your best friends in the world,’ he proclaims.”


Christian Sites
Ma’ariv, September 16, 2010

Technically a book review, this piece notes the publication of Jesus Trail (self-published) by Anna Dintaman and David Landis: “The Land of Israel attracts Christian pilgrims who arrive in the wake of the New Testament stories. They tour the Christian holy sites and get close to religion. Some of them – young pilgrims – have come to the Land and studied the journeys made by Yeshu, who left Nazareth and came down to the shores of the Sea of Galilee, to Capernaum. Thus was created the new hiking trail adorned with views – which in the winter easily competes with the beauty of verdant Europe. Around a thousand tourists walk this route every year, and Israelis can now also enjoy it via a new book, which details the trail. While at the moment, the book Jesus Trail exists only in an English version, it is easy to use by those who know the language and its maps are very useful. It is sold in Israel and made to fit in every backpack … During the course of the hike, it leads the reader to stop at various sites important to Christianity, from the market in Nazareth to the churches on the shores of the Sea of Galilee. Additional trails follow the Tanakh at various points in the Galilee. Among other things, the book gives of the history of some of the places visited, including details of the studies and research conducted into Yeshu’s travels in the Galilee and [along] the Sea.”