October 26 – 2011

Caspari Center Media Review – October 26, 2011

During the week covered by this review, we received 3 articles on the following subjects:

Messianic Jews
Christian tourism

This week’s review noted that a documentary to be screened over the winter features the son of a Messianic pastor, among others.

Messianic Jews
Ma’ariv, October 18, 2011
According to this report, “A new documentary series filmed in Eilat will be broadcast this coming winter on Channel 8. The series, whose title has yet to be decided, will follow four men living in this southern city: a young party-goer who works as an atmosphere director in a hotel; a 50-year-old bachelor living out of hotels and seeking a wife who will bring a child into the world with him; a youth who has gone to hide out in the mountains to get away from his parents who are leaders of the Messianic Jewish sect in the city; and a divorced scuba-diving instructor, father of an eleven-year-old girl. ‘They don’t know one another, they just live in the same city,’ says Itamar Alkalai, producer and director of the film. ‘Each one represents a scene or image and lives it from the place of the residents rather than tourists who only visit. People can live there in a sort of bubble. Eilat allows you to indulge in fantasies and you can draw it out eternally. If you go to the farthest extreme of the country, you’ll find figures that don’t exist in any other city … In my film there are very enigmatic, strange things. It doesn’t try to be populistic and no one films himself. Everyone who sees it forgets that it’s a documentary and thinks it’s part of a drama.’”

Christian Tourism
Al HaDerekh, September 30, 2011
Maoz Yinon, co-creator of the “Jesus Trail,” explains its attractions in this travel magazine.

Makor Rishon, October 23, 2011
Bishop Richard Williamson, recently excommunicated by the Pope for denying the Holocaust, has again expressed anti-Semitic views, this time claiming, in a lecture given in London, that the “all the Jews are responsible for killing Jesus.”