November 16 – 2011

Caspari Center Media Review – November 16, 2011

During the week covered by this review, we received 2 articles on the following subjects:

Christian Zionism

This week’s review addressed various forms of Christian Zionism.

Christian Zionism

Ela Gush, October 30; Jerusalem Post, November 11, 2011

Under the headline “Mission on a motorcycle,” Fay Greer Cashman featured the Harley-Davidson enthusiasts who recently visited the country (Jerusalem Post, November 11) (see previous Review). “The group came to Israel as part of the efforts of the Israel Government Tourism Office in North America to encourage tourism in general, but also as part of direct efforts to promote tourism among the Evangelical community, which has millions of believers worldwide. The headquarters of Mission: M25 is [sic] in Amarillo, Texas, directed by Rev. Gary Burd. M25 executive director Paul Klassen asked each of the participants to pack one suitcase with what they required for personal needs and the other with medical and other humanitarian aid supplies, with strict instructions that foodstuffs being distributed should be free of pork products. ‘Imagine if 50 people took the extra piece of luggage (50 lbs.) filled with humanitarian aid supplies. That would come to 2,500 pounds, or over a tonne [sic] of medical and other humanitarian supplies,’ he wrote in his letter of request. The humanitarian aid is intended for people of all faiths.”

According to Ela Gush (October 30), for the fourth year running, the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews has donated 18,000 NIS to children and at-risk youth in Bedouin settlements, 300 NIS worth of coupons going to each family with a child attending the welfare clubs.