Singles Event: Learning to “Live At the Well”

Once again, singles from all over Israel – from as far South as Beer Sheva and as far North as Haifa and Tiberias – made the trek to Jerusalem on a Thursday evening to enjoy fellowship with other singles and to be challenged and encouraged. Once everyone had arrived and settled in, they had the chance to learn a bit more about one another through the comical, and sometimes embarrassing, medium of social icebreakers. A charismatic young man (who happens to be both a Bridgebuilders and Singles Event veteran) directed the games. He had participants guessing the origins of each others’ names and pantomiming different activities. Following that hard work, we were blessed with a well-catered dinner.

at the well
Living at the Well

After dinner, we had the privilege of listening to Meno Kalisher, who pastors of one of the larger congregations in Jerusalem. Meno is a typically outspoken Israeli, well aware of his audience and how to reach them. Recognizing that most singles at such a gathering desire to marry, he spoke on many topics pertaining to living the single life in a manner that is pleasing to the Lord, and in a way that will be conducive to finding a mate, should that be God’s will. One of the things Meno taught on was “being at the well.” He spoke about the story of Isaac and Rebecca, of Rebecca’s godly and industrious character. He described how Rebecca, while “at the well” drawing and carrying water for her household, met the man who would bring her to her husband. He portrayed her generous, uncalculating character as being instrumental in bringing her to her husband. In the midst of performing her routine daily chores, Rebecca chose to help out an older man and his animals, expecting nothing in return, certainly not a husband. It was a wonderful message, encouraging us to continue serving the Lord and his body unfailingly, without expecting anything in return. He encouraged us that in faithful service, in daily building godly character, we can expect the Lord to direct us to the right person at the right time, should that be his will for us.

A lively Q&A session followed. It addressed the myriad of questions singles have, ranging from how to know who the right person is to whether a woman should take the initiative. Meno also instructed the men to be ready, willing, and courageous enough to hear “no” a few times before they finally hear “yes.”

It is tremendously satisfying to organize such an event, to observe singles getting to know other singles, to hear the happy hum of conversations going on all around, and to stay late after the event has ended because some people are enjoying themselves so much they just don’t want to leave! To learn more about our singles ministry, click here.