A Light to the Nations

Mission is a controversial concept in the Israeli context today, and prejudices flourish. Is it permissible to be a missionary in Israel or not? And even aside from legal matters, the word missionaryhas become a mocking description assigned to people who force their religion on others.

Despite all this we, at the Caspari Center are involved in mission. Makejesus-light-of-nations-opt no mistake! We strongly reject forcing our faith on other people, and we completely side with those who labor to protect minors from those who would try to persuade them to change their beliefs. But still we are involved in mission, because we believe God is.

The mission is his and he is still on the move, reaching out to all of creation with his healing and redeeming love. And that mission we are proud to be even a small part of.

In an attempt to reclaim the word mission for what God, through his mercy, is doing in the world today—as opposed to what misguided people have done in his name through history—we want to dedicate 10 days this fall to teaching a course on God’s mission to the world. The course is entitled “Jesus the Jew, a Light to the Nations,” because our goal is to see how the mission of God crossed borders.

We would very much like everybody engaged in, or just interested in, Gods Mission to the world to take part, if not in the entire course, at least for a few days.

Click here to view the full program and course description.

Jakob Nielsen