Publication of the “Youth Book”

 We are happy to announce that Caspari Center has published another book for publication_yb_pic1-opt (1)the benefit of the body of Messiah: a manual on youth ministry that has had the working title “Youth Book.” This is a natural continuation of the work which was first started with the book Raising Children in the Fear of the Lord in 2008.

The “Youth Book” is a compilation of 15 articles on youth ministry, written by seasoned Israeli pastors and youth leaders who have willingly and generously shared their expertise with potential and less-experienced youth workers. The book has been published in Hebrew, of course, but also in Russian. The reason for a special Russian edition is that though many immigrants from the former Soviet Union are fluent Hebrew speakers, which enables them to do youth
ministry in Israel, they are less fluent readers. The Hebrew title of the book is The Guide for a Guide, and the Russian is Focus on the Youth, but the content of both versions is, of course, identical.

publication_yb_pic3-opt (1)publication_yb_pic2-opt (1)The compilation covers many different subjects, such as evangelism, discipleship, the place of youth ministry in a local congregation, qualifications of a youth leader, the connection with parents, ways to address sexuality, special challenges in working with immigrant youth, preparation for army service, etc. The book is unique in that it is the first one of its kind published in Israel primarily for Israelis, although not exclusively for them. We hope, of course, that many other materials for youth ministry, both locally written and translated from other languages, will follow.

The first event where the book was presented to the public was our national Shabbat school seminar in Netanya on May 3. The next day we sent emails to the overwhelming majority of Israeli pastors, offering them two copies of the book as a gift to the congregation, and encouraging them to purchase more. The response has been enthusiastic, and our project coordinator, Rita Kontorovich, is now very busy sending parcels all over the country.

Finally, just last Friday I was at a training seminar for youth leaders co-sponsored by Netivah – a local ministry focusing on youth work – and Caspari Center. We had about 30 participants; they heard three lectures delivered by contributing authors, participated in lively discussions, and received a free copy of the book in the language of their choice. Furthermore, Yoel Goldberg, the founder and leader of Netivah and himself the author of an excellent article, decided to include the book in the must-read list for his students at Israel College of the Bible, where he lectures every year on youth work. In other words, it seems that we’ll have to produce a second printing pretty soon.

So thank you, Lord, for the privilege of being able to invest into young lives; and thank you, dear partners and friends of Caspari!

Alexander Goldberg