Apply for a Scholarship!

IngerdStamsSMALL(002)-optHaving been on hiatus due to the economic situation, the Caspari Center is set to resume the administration of Stamp Fund scholarships for the upcoming school year (2016-2017).

Stamp Fund

The Stamp Fund was established in 1962 by Inger Marie and Odd Deram, and by the Norwegian Church Ministry to Israel, with capital accumulated through sales of stamps and philatelic material. The purpose of the fund is to support Israeli Messianic Jews who desire to empower themselves for further service in the local body of Messiah.

“We select several local students to whom we provide some financial aid so they can study theology, education, counseling, and other subjects that will strengthen the body of believers in Israel,” says Elisabeth E. Levy, director of the Caspari Center. “The Caspari Center wishes to encourage Israeli believers to engage in studies that will equip them for service in local congregations and ministries in Israel.”

IngjerdHeader(002)-optRenewed Distribution

Up to 80% of the interest accrued every year is
distributed as scholarships. Until recently, the interest rate was so low that the Caspari Center decided to hold off on granting scholarships until there was a more substantial sum to distribute.

“The fund is now at 17,000 NIS, so we welcome applicants,” says Levy. “Previous scholarship allotments have varied from a minimum of 370 NIS to maximum of 2,500 NIS.”

Levy encourages students from the local Messianic body to apply for scholarships; the application deadline is October 31, 2016.

Donate Stamps

Additional funding for the scholarship fund is raised by collecting used stamps from all over the world and reselling them to collectors. We are grateful for any stamps received. If you would like to collect and donate stamps for the fund, please send them to: Caspari Center, P.O. Box 46, Jerusalem 9100001, Israel.

Ingjerd Våge