September 2 – 2018

During the week covered by this review, we received 2 articles on the following subjects:

Christian Organizations

Christian Organizations

Matzav Ruach, August 24, 2018; Yedioth Haifa, August 24, 2018

The first article responded to a previous report in “Haaretz” (included in last week’s review) about a partnership between the Israel’s Education Ministry and the Evangelical organization US Israel Education Association. “Haaretz” had reported that the Education Ministry will fund an Evangelical leadership initiative that will seek to deepen the relationship between Israeli students and God. According to that report, the program will primarily target Ethiopian Jews. An Education Ministry spokesperson has responded by saying that even though Evangelicals are funding the program, the program itself is not Evangelical. It will draw on Jewish and Israeli sources, and will not include any Christian content. The spokesperson further added that the program will not target Ethiopian Jews, but will be open to any Israeli interested in developing leadership skills. The reporter for the present article therefore argued that the original report from “Haaretz” was an attempt to incite against an educational initiative in a settlement.

The second article reported that the Warm Home for Holocaust Survivors in Haifa has dedicated a new physiotherapy institute. The institute includes new state of the art equipment, as well as practitioners who are experts in their fields. Holocaust survivors will have access to various types of care, including orthopedic, neurological, and other alternative treatments. The founding of the institute and the purchasing of the equipment was made possible by the International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem.