Mishkan Issue 83, 2020

“Jewish Christians, Messianic Jews, and the Evangelical Church in Germany (EKD) in Christian-Jewish Encounters since 1945: An Overview” Ulrich Laepple

“Your Word is Truth: The Identity of the Bible as Two Natures” Raymond Lillevik

“Negotiating a Messianic Identity Through the Use of Space and Art” Christine Eidsheim

“New Technology on the Dead Sea Scrolls” Torleif Elgvin

“Review: Dual Citizenship” Richard Harvey

“Review: Fellow Travellers” Richard Harvey

“Thoughts from the Sidelines: Why Didn’t Jesus Bring Messianic Redemption to the People of Israel?” Torleif Elgvin

“From the Israeli Scene: Cross-Cultural Encounters with Shame” Sanna Erelä