February 21 – 2021

During the week covered by this review, we received 3 articles on the following subjects:


History / Israeli Attitudes Towards Christianity

Anti-Missionary Attitudes


History / Israeli / Jewish Attitudes Towards Christianity

HaPulse, February 12, 2021; HaDerech, February 11, 2021

Both pieces were about the history of the Crusades. The first article, which is part of a larger series about Jews in exile, was much more polemical in the way it characterized both Christianity and Islam. Both articles examined the historic relations between the two religions and their mutual desire to control the Holy Land. Christian crusaders en route from Europe to the Holy Land attacked Jews and ransacked synagogues and private homes. The second article claimed that Christianity and Islam tore the world apart because of their desire to bend the world to their wills, and noted that forced conversions also happened in North Africa. It ended with a look at the expulsion of the Jews from Spain. 


Anti-Missionary Attitudes

HaShavua BeRehovot, February 11, 2021

This was a republished article that also appeared last week, in which Or L’Achim is presented as an organization fighting to “save souls” from missionaries on the hunt, and to prevent assimilation and mixed marriages.