March 21 – 2021

During the week covered by this review, we received 9 articles on the following subjects:


Missionary Activity

Anti-Missionary Activity




Missionary Activity / Anti-Missionary Activity


Various Articles


Four articles reported again of a youth “hangout” run by a missionary in the neighbourhood of Musrara in Jerusalem, which Or L’Achim has fought to close after receiving complaints. Or L’Achim claims the hangout targeted troubled youth, and sent a letter to the Municipality of Jerusalem in order to make them aware of the situation. Or L’Achim volunteers have distributed anti-missionary materials in the vicinity of the hangout to warn passers-by.


Four articles reported that gift baskets sold at the chain store “Max Stock” were found to contain New Testaments disguised as the Book of Psalms. Yad L’Achim received complaints, and after an investigation found that all the baskets had New Testaments in them. Max Stock has removed all the baskets from their shelves.





Aliton, March 12, 2021


A column devoted to explaining the meaning of certain expressions gave a definition for the “Via Dolorosa”. The expression means “the way of sorrows”, and refers to the path Jesus took on his way to Golgotha, where he was crucified. The path he took is called this on account of the suffering he experienced while walking along that path. The path starts in the Muslim Quarter and ends in the Christian Quarter and includes 14 stations. The article states that nine of these are on the path itself, and five are in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.