April 25 – 2021

During the week covered by this review, we received 3 articles on the following subjects:


Anti-Missionary Activity

Messianic Jews (Individuals)



Anti-Missionary Activity


HaModia, April 22, 2021; Iton Shacharit, April 22, 2021


A number of Messianic Jewish missionaries reportedly spread across public parks in Gush Dan on Yom Ha’atzmaut. Missionary activity had already begun during the Passover holiday, with missionaries handing out pamphlets in popular tourist spots. Yad L’Achim mobilized to warn passersby of the danger. The operation was reportedly organized by Andrew Lewis, an Australian who recently was forced to relocate on account of his missionary activity.



Messianic Judaism (Individuals)


The Jerusalem Report, April 23, 2021


This was a piece about Betsy Ramsay, a Messianic Jewish American woman who immigrated first from the US to Sweden, and then from Sweden to Israel. Ramsay was encouraged to hide her Jewish identity by her father when she was young. Shortly before moving to Sweden, she became intrigued by Messianic Judaism, which then became an integral part of her life, and the means by which she reclaimed her Jewish identity. Along with some friends, she established a Messianic Jewish magazine, which tried to influence Swedish politics. Ramsay would go on to write a number of books, and in 2019 published Lets Go Up, the story of how she made Aliyah and became an Israeli citizen.