Mishkan Issue 84, 2021


“Church Mothers – Creative Women with Many Roles” Anni Maria Laato

“Deaconesses as Levites” Pauliina Pylvänäine

“Edith Stern and Me” Judith M. Rood

“Emilia Baeyertz: The ‘Jewish Lady Evangelist'” Rich Robinson

“Dared to Believe: The Story of Maisie Pillemer, a South African Missionary to the Jewish People” Andrew Barron

“The Israeli Take on the Female Question” Alec Goldberg

“The Place of Women in the Israeli Messianic Jewish Community” Vered Hillel & Lisa Loden


“A Catholic Approach to Messianic Judaism” Raymond Lillevik

“Jewish Christians in Puritan England” Richard Harvey

“Missionaries, Converts, and Rabbis” Rich Robinson

“Exploring Our Hebraic Heritage” Rich Robinson

“From the Israeli Scene: Israeli Coexistence Between Glass Walls” Tanja Shoshani