Lord, Help Us Not Fear Change!

Little girl in front of computer
Margarita Kantor, Project Coordinator Photo courtesy of Bermix Studio via Unsplash. When I came to live in Israel many years ...
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The Year of Coronavirus in Messianic Congregations – A Challenge and a Blessing

Kuva kirkosta sisältä
Tanja Shoshani, Project Coordinator Picture of the Christ Church hall, in Jerusalem – the oldest Protestant Church in the Middle ...
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“Body Language” in the Bible

michelangelo hands
Elisabeth E. Levy, Director of Caspari Center Creative Commons picture by gnuckx The biblical narrative of Exodus describes how, after ...
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Get to Know Our Staff!

My name is Tanja Shoshani, and as of December 2020, I am the Caspari Center’s newest project coordinator. I’m originally ...
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Cross-cultural Encounters With Shame

Cross-cultural Encounters With Shame
Sanna Erelä, Project Coordinator Photo by klimkin on Pixabay In the Finnish Church, one Sunday every summer we are given ...
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Kulttuurienvälisiä kohtaamisia häpeän kanssa

black and white pictures of people
Sanna Erelä, projektikoordinaattori Kuva: klimkin (Pixabay) Suomalainen kirkkovuosikalenteri kutsuu vuosittain yhtenä sunnuntaina meitä kaikkia itsemme tutkimiseen. Kyseisen pyhän raamatuntekstit puhuvat ...
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Names of God in the Bible (Part II)

stained glass windows
Stained glass at Immanuel Church in Tel Aviv Elisabeth E. Levy, Director of Caspari Center We learned about some of ...
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Names of God in the Bible (Part I)

Photo of a stained glass window in St. Ann’s Church, Manchester, England, courtesy of Pvasiliadis (Creative Commons) Elisabeth E. Levy, ...
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Eating Flesh, Drinking Blood

Holy communion pic
Alec Goldberg, Israel Director Like other practices, the order of the Communion service differs from one Christian denomination to another, ...
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Shabbat — the Lesson of Slowing Down

Shabbat elevator plate
Sanna Erelä, Project Coordinator Shabbat is a special time here in Jerusalem. Most of my neighbors are religious Jews —not ...
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A Worthwhile Investment

Bible School students on tour of Israel
Kristoffer Eknes, Director of Return2Sender I’ve always known that Jesus was Jewish, but I never fully understood how that affected ...
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What’s Happening Online?

Debby, teacher of the online teaching course for shabbat school teachers
Margarita Kantor, Project Coordinator Debby of Medallion, co-creator of the course and also one of our online teachers, lectures about ...
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Discussing “Taboo” Topics

person sitting on a chair and thinking, with words surrounding like, like "hopeless" and "broken"
Sanna Erelä, Project Coordinator What do we do when someone close to us appears to be in a desperate state, ...
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“Bnot Yeshua”: A Forum for Women to Share Their Stories

circle of women's hands
Elisabeth E. Levy, Director of Caspari Center The second Thursday of January was a stormy day. The locks of heaven ...
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Longing for Paradise

people on a study tour at an archeological site in Israel
Katariina Leskelä Standing in the Herodion palace, I admire the frescoes on the wall. The colors are bright and beautiful ...
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December Dilemma

a lot of different hanukkiot, all lit up
Alec Goldberg, Israel Director As a Russian Jew, I don’t think I had even heard of Hanukkah before the glasnost ...
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