For years the Israeli/Palestinian conflict has been at the center of the world's attention. As believers living in the land on both sides of this conflict, we are challenged to respond to this difficult and tragic political situation. We are called to love our enemies and to strengthen and uphold the unity of the body of Messiah as a witness of the transforming power of the gospel.

BridgeBuilders is a peace and reconciliation project for young Israelis, Palestinians, and Norwegians. This effort allows us to work for unity in the body of Messiah by involving youth in the Middle East and Norway in faith-based peace and reconciliation work.

The BridgeBuilders project consists of two-part conferences for young Messianic Jews, Christian Arabs/Palestinians, and Christian Norwegians. The first part is set in Norway among fjords and mountains, and the second part takes place in the Jordanian desert. The conferences, which are filled with outdoor activities, have a strong focus on Christian fellowship, cultural encounters, and biblically-based teaching designed to encourage reflection and dialogue about faith, identity, fear, prejudice, and conflict resolution.

BridgeBuilders has hosted three previous conferences, in 2006–2007, in 2009–2010 and in 2012-2013. A fourth conference will take place this year. The first part in Norway is scheduled for August 2014, and the second part will occur in Jordan during Easter/Passover 2015. The conference is for participants aged 19–25.

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"We are building bridges, bridges between us which will be a great testimony for people around us when we return. Before I would say that I had nothing against the Palestinians, but God showed me that I am called, not to tolerate them, but to love them."

~Adi, Israeli participant in the 2009–2010 BridgeBuilders conference~


The Caspari Center is one of six partner organizations that jointly run this project. Our partners are: the Norwegian Church Ministry to Israel (NCMI), the Evangelical Lutheran Free Church of Norway (ELFCN), Musalaha, the Palestinian Bible Society (PBS), and the Bible School of Grimstad (BiG).