After nine years in Israel

Moi! (Moi means hello in Finnish.) My name is Sanna. I am originally from Finland and have been living in Israel altogether for almost 9 years. I have been working as a Project Coordinator for international projects at the Caspari Center, and now the time has come for me to return home. I am going […]

Justification: why by faith?

Alec Goldberg, Israel Director A man is justified by faith – that is Paul’s main statement in his epistle to the Galatians, the text I studied during my Sabbatical last year. How does he argue for it? I could track three arguments. First, if justification is not by faith in Christ, “then Christ died in […]

40 years of Caspari Center Ministry

Knut H. Høyland, former Caspari Center International Director  How It All Started The Caspari Center celebrates its 40th anniversary this year – a milestone which gives an opportunity to look back at four decades of service to and as part of the growing Messianic movement in Israel. Personally, I have been privileged to be connected […]

Shabbat School Ministry – An Investment for Eternity

Sanna Erelä, Project Coordinator Children’s ministry in Israeli congregations is generally built upon an enormous amount of volunteer work. Hundreds of Shabbat school teachers around Israel give of their time each week to educate the young generation in Hebrew and Arabic-speaking communities. At the Caspari Center, we understand the great value of teaching the next […]

Jewish Believers in Jesus: Spain, 300–1300 C.E.

What contributions did Jewish believers in Jesus make to Spain’s religious history? In his online publication Professor Oskar Skarsaune analyses some of the texts written by Jewish converts to Christianity in Spain, and Jewish or Christian authors discussing the converts.

Naisia rukoilemassa

The Israeli Take on the Female Question

Over the last two years, Caspari Center has been surveying the Israeli Messianic fellowships, and among the questions raised was one that dealt with the possibilities of female congregational ministry and leadership.

The Great Wall of China

To Israel, With Love From China

I am fascinated by everything related to Jewish culture and religion. So fascinated, that, in the middle of my Bachelor of Hebrew Language and Literature studies, I left China to come study at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, and pursue an internship at the Caspari Center.

Street view

Israeli Coexistence Between Glass Walls

This year I am studying to be a licensed Israeli tour guide. The course is in English and therefore the backgrounds of the participants are very varied. Approximately one third of the group is observant religious Jews, and another third is Muslims. And the rest of us are a mixture of secular people and others, including believers in Jesus, Messianic Jews, and Christian Arabs.

Pieni tyttö pelaa tietokoneella

Lord, Help Us Not Fear Change!

When I came to live in Israel many years ago, I noticed something I found peculiar: Israelis live for today. It’s not that they don’t think about the future at all; it’s just that they make decisions with almost no regard to it.