circle of women's hands

“Bnot Yeshua”: A Forum for Women to Share Their Stories

Elisabeth E. Levy, Director of Caspari Center The second Thursday of January was a stormy day. The locks of heaven had opened up and were showering down rain. When you live in Israel, you don’t complain about pouring rain. You are grateful for it, because there isn’t much water in Israel, and the demand is […]

people on a study tour at an archeological site in Israel

Longing for Paradise

Katariina Leskelä Standing in the Herodion palace, I admire the frescoes on the wall. The colors are bright and beautiful. It’s almost impossible to believe that the renovation of this room was completed over 2,000 years ago, in 15 BC. Above the red-toned frescoes, you can see lovely painted patterns of flowers and vines, and […]

a lot of different hanukkiot, all lit up

December Dilemma

Alec Goldberg, Israel Director As a Russian Jew, I don’t think I had even heard of Hanukkah before the glasnost times. My parents themselves, though each fully Jewish, weren’t aware of the meaning of Passover, let alone the less significant Jewish holidays. In the USSR, believing in God and going public about it was not […]

teaching a group of students of the Discovering Jesus study tour

Grateful for this autumn!

Sanna Erelä, Project Coordinator We have had a very active autumn at the Caspari Center, and have launched some exciting new projects. Follow along with us through the semester and enjoy the pictures! Our new children’s ministry video course began in November – you’re invited to read more about that here. Seminars and courses In […]

main presenters of the Taboo Forum lecture

The “Taboo” Forum: Discussing Difficult Issues

Sanna Erelä, Project Coordinator We have embarked on a new project in collaboration with Machaseh, a non-profit charity association. The project is a “Taboo” Forum discussion panel which will address topics most of us would generally prefer to avoid. The first discussion panel, on November 26th, was on the topic of domestic violence. We had […]

teacher teaching children in Shabbat School

Children’s ministry is now online!

Margarita Kantor & Sanna Erelä, Project Coordinators, with Jennifer N. In just the past few years, our Shabbat school seminars have served over 600 people from around 120 local Messianic congregations. As much as we rejoice in having reached so many people, we are aware that there are always people who wish to participate, but […]

Two Caspari employees, Alec and David, in the Caspari Center library, holding a book called Facts and Myths About the Messianic Congregations in Israel

How Many Messianic Jews in Israel?

As many of our readers are aware, in 1999, Caspari Center was the first to publish in-depth research on the Messianic Movement in Israel, in the form of a book entitled “Facts & Myths About the Messianic Congregations in Israel”. Twenty years on, the Messianic movement has grown tremendously, through the immigration of believers from […]

The Alliance Church building in Jerusalem, premises of the Caspari Center

What Does the Future Hold for Us?

Elisabeth Eriksen Levy, CEO The Messianic Movement in Israel is growing and maturing. Nearly 40 years ago, when the Caspari Center was established, the movement of Jewish Believers in Jesus could have been compared to a small child who needed to be carefully nurtured and spoon-fed. Today, the situation is vastly different. The child has […]

man standing with his bible open and the city of Jerusalem in the background

From Jerusalem to the Ends of the Earth

Sanna Erelä, Project Coordinator I’m sitting in Christ Church’s beautiful historical garden with Michael Kerem. Here, one can enjoy a cup of coffee in peace and quiet, oblivious to the Old City of Jerusalem hustle and bustle just outside. Michael Kerem is a Messianic Jew living in Jerusalem, and a long-term missionary to Muslims in […]

man and woman standing in front of Jerusalem's Old City walls

Moving with the Times

 Margarita Kantor, Project Coordinator One of our more consistently successful areas of ministry has been our seminars for Shabbat school teachers. In fact, we are currently in our 21st year of Shabbat school ministry. As gratifying as that success is, the danger of repeatedly organizing the same seminars, year after year, is that we might […]