The Sleeping Fox Catches No Poultry

“The sleeping fox catches no poultry” goes the proverb. This is just one of many proverbs that echo the bible. Time and again the Scriptures, both of the Hebrew bible and of the New Testament, call us to take initiative and to not remain passive. One of the most important biblical ideas is that fruit, […]

The Rebirth of Israel – Hope for All Humanity

  My Israel has turned 70. The year of its rebirth also has an interesting parallel: according to Genesis’ genealogies, Abraham was born in the year 1948 after the creation of the world. Abraham was the first Hebrew to receive the promise of the land and of becoming a blessing to all the nations of […]

“Discovering Jesus in His Jewish Context” for a second time!

I recently participated in Caspari Center’s “Discovering Jesus in His Jewish Context” course for the second time. The first such course I attended was in the fall of 2014. Participating in that first course was very valuable for me, and the experience provided an important foundation on which to build, as I learned more about […]

Studying Stones and Branches

During the Caspari Center’s Discovering Jesus in His Jewish Context course which took place recently, 13 participants had a unique opportunity to discover the Land of Jesus. Among the course participants there were some Norwegians, some locals and, like me, many Finns.   Observing the Ancient Rocks                                                                                                                                                                                  The stones all around reminded us of what […]

Seven Years of Teacher’s Training in Haifa

The Caspari Center began organizing seminars in Haifa for Russian-speaking teachers in 2011.  Our primary goal was to offer training to teachers from the north of Israel, and the Russian language was initially chosen due to the abundance of Russian-speaking congregations in the region. What do we see seven years later? First, the number of […]

Discovering Jesus in His Jewish Context

Since the 18th century, the question of the historical Jesus has puzzled theologians. They have actively constructed portraits of Jesus, and depicted him as an apocalyptic prophet, a charismatic healer, a Cynic philosopher, a prophet of social change and so on. Jesus has been a black man, a Marxist revolutionist, a Palestinian and a feminist. Many different […]

Article: Everybody Blames the Lutherans

Last year marked the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. It is counted from the event when 95 thesis were nailed at the church door in Wittenberg, Germany, by one Catholic priest, doctor of theology and an Augustinian monk named Martinus Lutherus. Some other date could have been chosen as well, as the Reformation was a […]

“As Birds Flying…”

Standing back to get a bird’s eye view of history through the lens of bible believers, we find many important landmarks in the calendar year of 2017. These notable points in history, spanning four hundred years from 1517 to 1917, involve both Christians and Jews, and all point to the centrality of Israel in God’s […]

How Jewish was the early Church?

In Matthew 15, we read the story of Jesus meeting a Canaanite woman. After initially dismissing her pleas for help, Yeshua (Jesus) ends up healing her daughter and acknowledging the woman’s faith. As one of the few encounters between Jesus and non-Jews recorded in the gospels, this passage has been interpreted as providing a model […]

Facts & Myths

Nearly twenty years ago, the Caspari Center began an empirical endeavor to gather specific information regarding Messianic believers in Israel. Where did they gather? What did they believe? How big were their congregations? How were these congregations structured? How many Jewish believers were there in the Land? The Caspari Center survey entitled Facts & Myths […]