Evangelism Goes Electronic

Walk down any given street in Israel, and you will notice Israelis around you: walking … and staring down at their smartphones; waiting for a bus … and staring down at their smartphones; crossing the street … and staring down at their smartphones. According to statistics compiled by www.internetworldstats.com, 73% of Israelis use the internet. […]

Blessed and Connected by Israel

“I envy you, you are doubly blessed! You are Jewish and have Jesus. I only have Jesus,” came a comment from the audience after a speech given by a former Caspari Center colleague touring Finland some time ago. While theologically misguided, this comment demonstrated an appreciation and respect many Finnish Christians have for the Jewish […]

No Stone above Stone

The first time I remember reading that there’s a day dedicated to the remembrance of the destruction of the temple was during my first years as a pastor in the Lutheran Church in Finland. The note was in the lectionary that contains the texts that are to be read in churches on Sundays, and which […]

Law and Gospel

When a Protestant Christian meets a Messianic Jew, they often find that they use the most basic terms in very different ways and with very different meanings. At its best, these encounters may lead to a clearer understanding of faith on both sides if we are open to new questions and perspectives we have never […]

“How did Germany treat you, Alec?”

That question was the opening of a casual email from a colleague the other day. Just a little over a week after Yom ha-Shoah—the day when Israel remembers the victims of the Holocaust—I was tempted to answer by writing something like, “Way better than it treated my people a few decades ago.” I was there […]

Messianic Jews and ‘Messianic Muslims’

The Messianic Jewish movement is a newcomer on the missiological scene: an “insider movement” that tries to plant a New Testament–based faith in the Messiah into Jewish tradition and to bridge the church and synagogue traditions. While Judaism in the first century was a pluriform tradition that included followers of Jesus, rabbinic tradition from the […]

Jewish Roots Versus Contextualization

Messianic Jews sometimes criticize Christians who tolerate symbols such as Christmas trees and Easter eggs in their celebrations—symbols that are originally from pagan religions. On the other hand, some Christians find it difficult to understand why they should care about the Jewishness of Jesus; after all, Jesus came to identify with every nation and the […]

Replacing Replacement Theology

Theology is about faith seeking understanding. In the complex and sensitive areas of Jewish-Christian relations and Christian ministry in Jewish contexts, we all need much understanding. Sadly, it appears that sometimes ministries and individuals proceed into these areas with a mixture of good intentions, sincerity, diligence, and hope, yet with little or no clear theological […]

stamp collection and magnifying glass

Apply for a Scholarship!

Having been on hiatus due to the economic situation, the Caspari Center is set to resume the administration of Stamp Fund scholarships for the upcoming school year (2016-2017). Stamp Fund The Stamp Fund was established in 1962 by Inger Marie and Odd Deram, and by the Norwegian Church Ministry to Israel, with capital accumulated through […]

The Secrets of the Holy Name of God

In Exodus 3, God asks Moses to go to Pharaoh and tell him to let the people of Israel leave Egypt. Moses is hesitant and asks God for his name, in order to be able to tell the Israelites who sent him to free them. God reveals his name to Moses as “I am who I […]