Mishkan Issue 86, 2023

Jesus-Believing Israelis Survey – Reviews and Responses Articles: “The Latest Survey of the Israeli Messianic Movement: The Authors’ Invitation to Friendly Critique”  by David Serner and Alexander Goldberg “Finding Unity in Diversity”  by Rolf Kjøde “Jewish Believers in Jesus in Contemporary Israel: New Developments and Insights”  by Yaakov Ariel “Hidden Figures: What Known and Unknown […]


Mishkan Issue 85, 2022

Articles: “Church Relations with the Jews during the German Occupation of Norway, 1940–45”  Torleiv Austad “Luther and the Jews: A Messianic Jewish Approach”  Richard Harvey “The Hermeneutics of the New Righteous Among the Nations”  Olivier J. Melnick “Hildegard of Bingen’s Vision of Synagoga: A Philosemitic Polemic and Its Modern Jewish Reception”  Judith Mendelsohn Rood “Christian […]


Mishkan Issue 84, 2021

Articles “Church Mothers – Creative Women with Many Roles” Anni Maria Laato “Deaconesses as Levites” Pauliina Pylvänäine “Edith Stein and Me” Judith M. Rood “Emilia Baeyertz: The ‘Jewish Lady Evangelist’” Rich Robinson “Dared to Believe: The Story of Maisie Pillemer, a South African Missionary to the Jewish People” Andrew Barron “The Israeli Take on the […]

Mishkan Issue 83, 2020

“Jewish Christians, Messianic Jews, and the Evangelical Church in Germany (EKD) in Christian-Jewish Encounters since 1945: An Overview” Ulrich Laepple “Your Word is Truth: The Identity of the Bible as Two Natures” Raymond Lillevik “Negotiating a Messianic Identity Through the Use of Space and Art” Christine Eidsheim “New Technology on the Dead Sea Scrolls” Torleif […]


Mishkan Issue 82, 2020 – The Crevice

“Kabbalah and Christ: The Christian Use of Jewish Mysticism Since the Renaissance” Dr. William Varner “The “Nasara” in the Quran: A Jewish-Christian Window into the Middle Eastern Jesus-followers in the 7th and 21st Centuries” Judith Mendelsohn Rood, PhD, and Paul W. Rood “What Hath Maimonides Wrought?” Amy Downey “Review: Learning Messiah” Rich Robinson “Reaction to […]

Mishkan Issue 81, 2019 – Jerusalem

“The Roots of Jerusalem” Andreas Johansson “Jerusalem as Egeria Saw it” Anni Maria Laato “A Catholic Reflection from the Midst of the Conflict” Rev. Dr. David Mark Neuhaus SJ “The Besorah, Jerusalem, and the Jewish People” Mark S. Kinzer “On the Political Rhetoric of Toponyms” Judith Mendelsohn Rood  


Mishkan Issue 80, 2019 – Imagination

Articles: “C. S. Lewis and the Jewish Imagination” Andrew Barron with Tirzah Walker “Belazel as Biblical Artist” Gene Edward Veith “Imagination and Critique in the Work of Johann Georg Hamann” Knut Alfsvåg “Report on the 2018 Conference for the Association for Jewish Studies” Stan Meyer “Review: Hollywood’s Chosen People” Stan Meyer “‘Rak Ivrit’ — From […]


Mishkan Issue 78, 2017 – Luther and the Jewish People, part 2

Articles: “Martin Luther and the Toledot Yeshu Tradition” “The Reformation and the Jewish People:Culpable Heritage and Belated Renewal” “The Lutheran Church and the Jewish People in Denmark” “A Reflection on Luther by a Jewish Believer in Jesus” “Three Sources of Inspiration behind Luther’s Anti-Jewish Writings” “The Secret of the Reformation” Book Reviews: – “Luther’s Jews: […]

Mishkan Issue 77, 2017 – Luther and the Jewish People, part 1

Articles: “The Heritage From Luther And The Jewish People” “Three Sources of Inspiration Behind Luther’s Anti-Jewish Writings” “A Messianic Jew Looks at Luther” “The Wrath of a Disappointed Lover” “Book Review : More Than Miracles: Elaine Zeidman Markovic and the Story of The Scott Mission” “From the Israeli Scene”