Mishkan Issue 75, 2016 – Is There a Messianic Reading of the Bible?

Articles: “Messianic Jews and a Historical Reading of Biblical Texts” “Messianic Jewish Exposition of Scripture” “Theology Schools: Are They Necessary for Jewish Yeshua-Believers in Israel?” “The Place of Story and Storytelling in Messianic Jewish Theology and Ministry” “From the Israeli Scene: The Vatican and Messianic Jews” Book Reviews: – “What Every Christian Needs to Know […]

Mishkan Issue 74, 2015 – The Body of Messiah

Articles: “‘Supersessionism and Messianic Judaism’: A response to Matthew Levering” “The Identity of the Church: The Body of the Messiah” “How Jewish Should the Messianic Movement Be?” “Book Review: Through My Enemy’s Eyes: Envisioning Reconciliation in Israel-Palestine, by Salim Munayer & Lisa Loden” “Book Review: The Jewish Gospel of John: Discovering Jesus, King of All […]

Mishkan Issue 73, 2015 – To Do or Not to Do?

Articles: “To Do or Not to Do?” “The Diversity of Ideas and Torah Praxes Today Within the Messianic Jewish Movement” “Jesus, Key and Keeper of the Torah: A Messianic Reading of the Bible” “A Profile of North American Messianic Jews” “Book Review: Apostates, Hybrids, or True Jews? Jewish Christians and Jewish Identity in Eastern Europe, […]

Mishkan Issue 72, 2014 – So That They May Be One

Articles: ” ‘So That They May Be One’: Ecumenism in Israel-Palestine Today” “Carl Paul Caspari: The 200th anniversary of an influential Hebrew Christian scholar and mission leader” “The Jews and the History of the World Christian Movement in the Work of Historian Lamin Sanneh” “The Case for Enlargement Theology” “Creeds and Theology: Expressing the Jewish […]

Mishkan Issue 70, 2012 – Messianic Prophecy

Articles: “A Word from the Editor” “An Introduction to Messianic Prophecy” “Toward a Marginalized View of Messianic Prophecy” “Metanarratives and Messianic Prophecy” “Jesus the Messiah” “A Conversation with Michael Rydelnick” “A Prophet Like Me” “Origins of the Modern Hebrew Christian Movement in Britain” “Recent Books Relevant for Jewish Missions”  

Mishkan Issue 69, 2011 – “Russian Jewish Ministry”

Articles: “A Word from the Editor” “An Introduction to the Russian Jewish Ministry” “The Fervent Years” “A History of the Russian Messianic Congregational Conferences” “A Synopsis of current resources for Russian Jewish Ministry” “A Journey through Siberia” “Outreach to the “Forgotten Jews” of Birobidzhan and Far East Russia” “Snapshots of Russian Jewish Ministry Developments in Australia and […]

Mishkan Issue 68, 2011 – Singing the Lord’s Song in Zion

Articles: “A Word from the Editor” “Shir Chadash” “Aesthetic Messianic Apologetics” “What is Jewish Music?” “Music in the Bible” “Settings of Silver” “Royal Work for the King in Jerusalem” “The Resurrection of Jesus in Contemporary Jewish Scholarship” “And a Time to Speak” “Recent Books Relevant for Jewish Missions” “Book Review:  Biography of Ruth with the […]

Mishkan Issue 67, 2011 – When Israel was in the Pulpit

Articles: “A Word from the Editor” “God’s purpose in Israel” “Our duty to Israel” “Jesus the Messiah” “The Restoration and Conversion of the Jews” “Palestine Reconsecrated” “What the Church left behind, Part 2” “Book Review: Has the Church Replaced Israel”