Mishkan Issue 66, 2011 – Jewish Evangelism in a Postmodern Context

Articles: “A Word from the Editor” “An Evangelical Perspective on Postmodernity” “The Shaping of a Postmodern Messianic Community” “St. Thomas Knanaya Christians of India and the Jews of Malabar” “Theological Reflections on Anti-Semitism” “What the Church Left Behind, Part 1” “News from the Israeli Scene”  

Mishkan Issue 65, 2010 – The Legitmacy of Israel

Articles: “A word from the Editor” “Post-Holocaust/Shoah Theology” “Jesus and the Land: The New Testament Challenge to ‘Holy Land’ Theology (review)” “An Analysis of Neo-Replacement Theology” “Rev. James Craig, Irish Presbyterian Missionary to German Jews”  

Mishkan Issue 64, 2010 – The Gospel and the Jewish People

Articles: “A Tribute to Moishe Rosen” “Jewish Mission/Evangelism and Edinburgh 1910 and the Centenary Celebration 2010” “In What Sense Was the First Coming of Jesus Messianic?” “Messiah as Wisdom: The Delight of God and Men” “A Compositional Analysis of Zechariah 12:10” “Circumcision and Jewish Identity”  

Mishkan Issue 63, 2010 – Legal Challenges for Believers in Israel

Articles: “The Law of Return and Its Application to Messianic Jews” “Civil Rights in a Fledgling Democracy” “To the Jew First and Also to the Gentile” “The Old Testament’s Use of the Old Testament for Messianic Jewish Apologetics” “Hebrews’ Use of the Old Testament” “Recent Books Relevant for Jewish Missions” “News from the Israeli Scene” […]

Mishkan Issue 62, 2010 – The New Anti-Semitism and Jewish Evanglism

Articles: “What is ‘new’ in the New Anti-Semitism” “The European Re-birth of Anti-Semitism and its Effect on Jewish Evangelism” “Drifting from Jeursalem to Mecca” “God and the Enemies of Israel” “The Basis of the Second Coming of the Messiah” “To the Jew First and Also the Gentile” “Response to Kai Kjær-Hansen’s Articles on Operation Mercy” […]

Mishkan Issue 61, 2009 – Operation Mercy and Jewish Believers in 1948

Articles:  “Operation Mercy According to Hugh R. A. Jones” “Ben-Meir and Poljak about Operation Mercy” “Operation Mercy on the Eve of the Establishment of the State of Israel” “Numbers Connected with Operation Mercy” “The Organizers behind Operation Mercy” “Sitt Elsie of Tiberias and Gerius Hishmeh of Jaffa” “An Interview with Ursula Jones” “H. Z. Weinstock” […]

Mishkan Issue 60, 2009 – Chaim Yedidiah Pollak – Called Lucky

Articles: “Lucky – Controversial and Challenging” “Lucky in America” “On Lucky’s Whereabouts in 1885-1886” “Lucky and the Lepzig Program” “Mrs. Petra Volf’s ‘Reminiscenes about Lucky’ (1917)” “Lucky and Waldmann’s ‘ Declaration of Law-observing Hebrew Christian” “Controversy about Lucky” “Reflections on Hindrances to Jewish Evangelism” “How Christian is Christian Zionism?”  

Mishkan Issue 59, 2009 – Jesus – Yeshua… What’s in the Name?

Articles: “How Sweet the Name of Jesus Sounds…” “Resolution on Christian Zionism and Jewish Evangelism” “A Survey of Israeli Knowledge and Attitudes Towards Jesus” “The Applied Use of Survey Results in Evangelizing Jewish Israelis” “What’s in Jesus’ Name According to Matthew?” “What Can We Know about Jesus, and How Can We Know It?” “Is It […]

Mishkan Issue 58, 2009 – Messianic Jews in Germany

Articles: “Who Would Have Believed it?” “Congratulations to a Two-Hundred-Year-Old” “The Present Messianic Jewish Movement in Germany” “Messianische Juden In Deutschland” “A Landscape of Changes” “The Future of Messianic Congregations in Germany” “A Hebrew Christian or Hebrew Christians?” “Education in Israel” “First ‘Organized’ Bible-work in 19th Century Jerusalem, Part IX”  

Mishkan Issue 57, 2008 – Mapping Messianic Jewish Theology

“Mapping Messianic Jewish Theology” “Crystal Night and Prayer” “In Search of Messianic Jewish Theology” “A Typology of Messianic Jewish Theology” “Torah in Practice” “A Grateful Outsider Reads ‘Mapping Messianic Jewish Theology’” “First Reflections on ‘Mapping Messianic Jewish Theology’” “The ‘Map’ of ‘Mapping Messianic Jewish Theology’” “Reflections on the Current State of ‘Jewish Work’” “First ‘Organized’ […]