Mishkan Issue 56, 2008 – The Uniqueness of Christ and the Jewish People

Articles: “The Berlin Declaration” “Amsterdam 1948 – Berlin 2008” “The Berlin Declaration” “Messianic Jewish Reflections on the Holocaust and Jewish Evangelism” “The Forgiveness of Sin According to Early Christianity and Judaism” “Replacement Theology with Implications for Messianic Jewish Relations” “Engaging Two-Covenant Theology: Drawing Countours” “Karl Barth, The Jewish People, and Jewish Evangelism” “Implicit Universalism in […]

Mishkan Issue 55, 2008 – Israel, the Land and Christian Zionism

Articles: “The Land and Different Interpretations” “Two Statements” “Israel and the Land – Continuity and Transformation in Christ” “A Critque of Christian Zionism” “A Response to Tony Highton’s ‘Critique of Christian Zionism” “Stephen Sizer and Anti-Zionism” “Concerns and Hopes for Our Messianic Movement” “First ‘Organized’ Bible-work in 19th Century Jerusalem, Part VII”  

Mishkan Issue 54, 2008 – Jewish Evangelism – Muslim Evangelism

Articles: “Muslim and Jewish Evangelism” “Israel: 60 Years and Lost Lives” “Muslim Evangelism: Why Would This Be in Our View” “The Lives of Arab Muslims Who Choose the Christian Faith” “Muslim Background Converts” “A Reflection Upon Our Witness in the Muslim World” “Messianic Jews and Muslim Evangelism” “First ‘Organized’ Bible-work in 19th Century Jerusalem, Part […]

MIshkan Issue 53, 2007 – Salvation and the Jewish People

Articles: “Borough Park Symposium” “Jesus Himself Must Be Our Theme” “LCJE Statement 2007” “Borough Park Symposium Background and Introduction” “The Conditions of Salvation for Jews and Gentiles in this Age” “Motivations for Messianic Jewish Outreach” “Soteriology: The View from Here” “The Jewish People and Salvation” “An Assessment of What Is and a Plea for the […]

Mishkan Issue 50-51, 2007 – ‘…And the Children Struggled’: The Church and the Jews Through Histroy

Articles: “How the Ancient World Viewed the Jews” “The Early Church in the Roman Empire” “Relations before Constantine” “East and West until Islam” “The Phenomenon of Philosemitism” “The Early Middle Ages” “Inquisition and Expulsions” “Evangelism or Persecution” “Martin Luther and Early Protestants” “The Holocaust and the Church” “The Relationship Betweemn the Church and the Jewish […]

Mishkan Issue 49, 2006 – Persvering Our Archives

Articles: “Who Destroyed What” “The No to Jewish Mission From Cologne” “Developing a Ministry Archive” “The Importance of Archives – Our Story” “The Demolition of the Jerusalem Library in 1857” “The History of the Archives of the Zentralverein” “Building a Jewish Missions Archives Collection: A Case Study” “Keren Ahvah Meshihit: Reproducing Material from the 19th […]

Mishkan Issue 48, 2006 – Reactions to POST-MISSIONARY Messianic Judaism

Articles: “Postmissionary in Three Senses” “Mark Kinzer and Joseph Rabinowitz” “Postmissionary Messianic Judaism: A Review Believers” A Review Essay “Shaping the Aims and Aspirations of Jewish Believers” “The Identity and the Mission of Believers in Jesus Messiah” “Responses to Mishkan Reviewers of My Book” “Four Comments on Postmissionary Messianic Judaism” “First ‘Organized’ Bible-work in 19th […]

Mishkan Issue 47, 2006 – The Gospel and Jewish-Gentile Couples

Articles: “A Missiological Opportunity” “The Gospel of Judas and the Emperor’s New Clothes” “The Gospel and Jewish-Gentile Couples” “Challenges of Jewish-Gentile Couples” “The Journey of Joined Together? “Responses to Intermarriage” “Jewish as Ethnicity and Religion” “A Safe Haven for the Intermarried Family” “An Evangelistic Approach to Interfaith Marriages” “Further Suggestions for Future Ministry” “Daniel Edward: […]

Mishkan Issue 46, 2006 – Messianic Movement in Israel Today

Articles: “Becoming Bolder” “Conversions to Judaism in Israel” “Evangelism in Israel, 1979-2005” “Messianic Institutions for Theological Training in Israel” “A Look at Leadership in Israel’s Messianic Community” “Messianic Music in Modern Israel” “Continuing on the Road of Reconciliation” “Nostra Aetate: Between Hebrew Catholics and Messianic Jews” “Scotland’s First Missionary to the Jewish People” “Looking Back” […]