Mishkan Issue 45, 2005 – We Have Found the Messiah! Jewish Believers in Jesus in Antiquity

Articles: “In the Beginning…” “Jews, Gentiles and the Torah” “Jewish Believers in the Land og Israel” “Jewish Believers in the Eastern Diaspora” “From Antioch to Gaul” “From Alexandria to Carthage” “Constantine and His Legacy” “The Land of Israel under Byzantine Rule” “Jewish Believers East of Antioch” “Jewish Believers in Africa and Arabia” “From Asia Minor […]

Mishkan Issue 44, 2005 – The Qumran Scrolls …and the Jewish Gospel

Articles: “The Scrolls and the Jewish Gospel” “The Dead Sea Scrolls and the Jewishness of the Gospels” “Eschatological Bible Interpretation in the Scrolls and in the New Testament” “The Songs of the Sabbath Sacrifice and the Heavenly Scene of the Book of Revelation” “Wisdom Christology in the Light of Early Jewish and Qumran Texts” “A […]

Mishkan Issue 43, 2005 – Of Whom Is the Prophet Speaking?

Artricles “Who is the Prophet Talking To? “The Downfall” “The Identity of Servant of Isaiah 53” “The Despised Messiah and His Despised People” “The Individual Interpretation of the Servant” “The Use of Isaiah 53 in Jewish Evangelism” “The Struggle Within Chabad and Orthodox Judaism” “Peculiarities of Translating the New Testament into Hebrew” “Two Hebrew New […]

Mishkan Issue 42, 2005 – Jewish Evangelism – Here and Now

Articles: “Much is at Stake” “Fooling Ourselves” “World Evangelization and Jewish Evangelization” “From Pattaya (1980) to Pattaya (2004)” “Scattered like Salt – LCJE Members in Thailand” “The Role of Gentiles in Jewish Evangelization” “Inclusivism and the Task of Making Jewish Disciples” “Jewish Believers in Jesus in Antiquity – Some Lessons from a History Project” “First […]

Mishkan Issue 41, 2004 – Planting the Word – Bible Work in the Land of the Bible

Articles: “Bible and Mission and Bible-men” “Urgent Issues Most Relevant to World Evangelization” “Bible Distribution and the British and Foreign Bible Society in Eretz Israel” “First ‘Organized’ Bible Work in the 19th Century Jerusalem (1816-1831)” “Magne Solheim and Bible Work in Israel” “Eli and Karen Bøgh – Bible Missionaries in Israel” The ‘Flagship’ of Hebrew […]

Mishkan Issue 40, 2004 – Faith, Trauma and Stress

Articles: “When Pain is Part of LIfe” “They Crucified Him” “Can a Believers Suffer Psychological Disorder?” “Stress and Support among Messianic Pastors in Israel” “Pastors and Mental Health in Israel” “Keren LeKaren – the Karen Fund, Inc/” “Everlasting Arms – Messianic Counseling” “Life in the Shadow of Death – Tools for Coping” “Selected Annotated Bibliography […]

Mishkan Issue 39, 2003 – The Divinity of Messiah

Articles: “Believe in the Lord Jesus” “Jesus the Messiah Jewish Thought” “Yeshua: The Deity Debate” “A Divine Messiah” “The Divine Unity and the Deity of Messiah” “One God and Lord” “The Christology of Matthew’s Gospel” “Eusebuis’ Ecclesiastical History and the Yeshua Movement” “Reactions to Baruch Maoz’ Book: Judaism is not Jewish” “A Friendly Respone to […]

Mishkan Issue 38, 2003 – Jews in the East – New Age Influence on Postmodern Judaism

Articles: “The Not So New Age” “Between Idolatry and Virtue” “The New Age and Similar Movements in Israel” “The New Age in Israel at the Beginning of the 21st Century” “Hinjews, JUBUs and New Age Judaism” “Toward a Theology of God” “A Fatal Attraction – Israeli Youth and India” “The ‘Israeli’ House in Cochebamba” “Jewish […]

Mishkan Issue 37, 2002 – 19th Century Contributors to the Messianic Movement

Articles: “Roots and Records” “Samuel Schor, the Man and His Time” “Paul Phillip Levertoff: Hebrew-Christian Scholar and Leader” “Passing over the Ploy? The LIfe and Work og Hugh Schonfield” “Hillel Pokrzywa” “Haim (Haimoff) Bar David: Restoring Apostolic Authority” “The Life and Work of Heinz David Leuner” “Preaching Was His Lige – Richard Wurmbrand” “The Evangelistic […]

Mishkan Issue 36, 2002 – The Church and Israel – Dialouge and Witness

Articles: “The Church and Israel – Dialogue and Witness” “Jewish Evangelism in Post-Holocaust Europe” “The Church, the Jewish People and Jewish Mission in Germany” “Christian-Jewish Relations of the Protestant Episcopal Church” “What’s Being Said and Done among American Presbyterians?” “‘On the Record’: Official Statements of Southern Baptists” “The Assemblies of God and the Messianic Movement” […]