Mishkan Issue 35, 2001 – Reconciliation

Articles: “Reconciliation” “Interpersonal Reconciliation in Scripture” “The Social Meaning of Reconciliation” “The Abrahamic Mandate and Faith-based Diplomacy” On the Road to Reconciliation” “Reconciliation: Jews and Arabs – a Personal Account” “Differing Eschatological View-Obstacles to Relationships? “And the Innocent Shall Forgive the Blameless” “Jewish Believers in Jesus: from Antiquity to the Present”  

Mishkan Issue 34, 2001 – The Development of Creeds

Articles:  “The Rule of Faith” “From Jesus to the ‘Rule of Faith’ – A Breif Historical Sketch” “The Making of Creeds” “Creeds and Judaism” “The Coptic Gospel of Thomas and Early Christian Creeds” “Know Yourself Always – About Shlomo Kalo and his Writings” “Creeds among Jewish Believers in Yeshua” “Polemics or Anti-Semitism?” “Use of the […]

Mishkan Issue 33, 2000 – Jewish Reclamation of Jesus

Articles:  “The Jewish Reclamation of Jesus” “Radical Gospel Criticism and the Modern Jewish Study of Jesus” “Extra-Biblical Evidence for Jesus’ Existence” “Jewish Views of Jesus Before the Modern Era” “Messianic Judaism and Jewish Jesus Research” “Will the Zionists Welcome the Prophet from Nazareth?” “Jesus in Israel at the Turn of the Millennium” “An Interaction with […]

Mishkan Issue 32, 2000 – Eschatology and Jewish Evangelism

Articles:  “Reactions to Facts & Myths” “Answers from the Authors” “Facts & Myths: A Selective Evaluation” “Facts & Myths: Review of Reviews” “End Time Speculation in Light of New Millennium” “Escatology and Jewish Evangelism” “The Sin Nature and Yetzer Har’a” “Rome in Jerusalem: The Pope, the Jews and Gospel in Israel” “Statement from the LCJE […]

MIshkan Issue 29, 1998 – Messianic Jewish Worship

Articles: “Kol Ha Yeshua and Other Voices” “Jewish Christian Paradigms in Israel” “The Theology of Messianic Congregations” “Sing unto the Lord a New Song” “Bible Translation and Publication” “A ‘Messianic Jewish Community in Eretz-Israel?” “the Catholic Jewish Community in Israel” “Messianic Jews and Missionaries”  

Mishkan Issue 28, 1998 – Missions in Israel 1948-1998

Articles:  “Mission and Evangelization in Israel 1948-1998” “The Messianic Movement in Israel – a Personal Perspective” “Attempts to Establish a ‘Messianic Jewish Church’” “External Problems” “Hebreq Christianity in the Holy Land from 1948 to the Present” “Trends and Circumstances Within the Hebrew-Speaking Churches in Israel” “Letter to Mishkan”  

MIshkan Issue 27, 1997 – Messianic Jews and Acadamic Work

Articles:  “Foundations of the Modern Messianic Jewish Movement” “‘Messianic Jews’ in Eretz Israel (1917-1967)” “Messianic Jewish Congregations in North America” “The Making of a Tradition: Jewish Christianity” “Inner-Bibical Perspectives on Messianic Prophecy” “Dissertation Re-visited 13 Years Later” “An Introduction to the (New) Jewish Universalists” “Zion in the Theology of L. Averbuch and S. Rehold” “The […]

Mishkan Issue 26, 1997 – The Messiainc Jewish Movement and the Land

Articles:  “O Land, Land, Land, hear the Word of the Lors” “One Land, Two Peoples – How Many States” “Eretz Israel: Whose Land?” “The Land of Israel in Scripture” “Messianic Judaism and the Theology of the Land” “Jerusalem, the Holy City?” “The Borders of the Land of Israel According to Ezekiel” “Early Christian Zionists and […]

Mishkan Issue 25, 1996 – Messianic Jews and Liturgy

Articles:  “Messianic Jews and the Liturgies of Judaism” “Worship the New Testament – Remapping the Land” “The Use of Liturgy in the Messianic Community” “The Place of the Siddur in the Messianic Community” “The Siddur in Israeli Congregations” “Two Nineteenth Century Hebrew “Siddurim” “Worship in an Israeli Messianic Lutheran Congregation” “Meeting the Needs – Siddur […]