Mishkan Issue 12, 1990 – Two Covenant Theology

Articles:  “The Christian Embassy in Jerusalem” with response “A Statement on Christian Zionism” “Beyond Zionism: Evangelical Responsibility to Israel” “Why A Christian Embassy?” “The International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem – Christians for Whom or What?” “Eccumenism; Signs of Hope” “THe Experiment at Arouf”  

Mishkan Issue 11, 1989 – Two Covenant Theology

Articles:  “Two Ways –  Two Covenants?” “Rosenzweig on Judaism and Christianity” “Are There Two Ways of Atonement?” “Two Covenant Theology” “The Two Ways/Two Covenants Theory” ‘Critique of the Two Covenant Theory” “The Willowbank Declaration on the Christian Gospel and the Jewish People” “The Uniqueness of Jesus Christ” “Resolution of the USA Branch of Lausanne Consultation […]

Mishkan Issue 10, 1989 – Trends in Jewish Evangelism

Articles: “To The Jews First and Also to the Greek: The Meaning of Romans 1:16b” “Romans 1:16 and the Priority of the Jewish Evangelism” “Messianic Assemblies and the Bible” “Possibilities and Perils: A Look at Jewish Missions” Article serie about  “Trends in Jewish Evangelism in…” “Attitudes in Israel to Messianic Jews and their Aliyah”  

Mishkan Issue 08-09, 1988 – Christianity and the Law

Articles: “Jesus and the Law: An Exegesis on Matthew 15:17-20” “James’ View of the Law” “Montefiore, Paul and the Law” “The Messianic Use of Rabbinic Literature” with responses “A Consensus Satement on Jewish Tradition” “Theological Perspectives on the Holocaust- Part Two” “We Can Love Israel Too Much”  

Mishkan Issue 06-07, 1987 – Do We Dare to Uphold Our New Testament Hope?

Articles: “Do We Dare to Uphold Our New Testament Hope?” “His Blood Be Upon Us” “Theological Perspectives on the Holocaust” “Paul and “The Israel of God” “Liturgical Calender and Annual Festival in Synagogue and Early Church” “The Biblical Doctrine of Race” “The Testimony of the Church to the Jewish People” “Discrediting Jewish Evangelism” “Lausanne Letter […]

Mishkan Issue 05, 1986 – I Am Not Ashamed of the Gospel

Articles:  “Setting the Scene – John 3:1-16” “Letter to the Churches: Statement by the LCJE Third International Consultation 1986” “LCJE Press Release” “To the Jew First” “The New Testament and Anti-Semitism” “Anti-Semitism and Christian Responsibility” “Israel – People, Land, State and Torah”  

Mishkan Issue 04, 1986 – Law and Covenant

Articles:  “Paul, the Law and the Covenant” with response “Jesus, the Kingdom and the Torah” with reponse “Jewish Survival and it’s Significance for the Church” with response “To the Jew First” “Knit Together – Evangelical Cooperation in Israel”  

Mishkan Issue 03, 1985 – Jewish-Christian Dialogue: A Theological Assessment

Articles:  “The Jewish-Christian Dialogue: A Theological Assessment” “The Jewish-Christian Dialogue in Ancient and Modern Times: A Survey of Recent Literature” “The Use of the Tanach in the Gospel of Matthew” with response “The Use of the Old Testament in the Letter to the Hebrews” with response “The Quest for a Messianic Theology” “The Influence of […]

Mishkan Issue 02, 1985 – Messianic Jewish Theology

Articles:  “Jewish Evangelism and Messianic Judaism” “The Quest for a Messianic Theology” with Reponse “Covenant and Dispensation” with Response “Joseph of Tiberias – The Legend of a 4th Century Jewish Christian” with Response “Attitudes to Scriptures and Christians in Israel” “The History of the Union of Messianic Jewish Congregations” “An Historical Profile of Jewisj-Chrsitian Relationships […]