"Discovering Jesus in His Jewish Context" is a 10-day study tour focusing on the Jewish context and understanding of Jesus, and how this message became a message for the world. Using the modern Jewish context as a case study, we look at how the message of Jesus can be contextualized today to reach cultures and people groups around the world.

The program allows Bible teachers, pastors, mission workers, and theology students to experience and learn the land of the Bible. Participants will gain a deeper understanding of the biblical text, the Jewish roots of the Christian faith, and the social and religious context during the time of Jesus and the early church. As part of the program, participants will meet local Messianic and Arab believers, gaining an understanding of outreach and ministry needs in the land and an inside perspective of the theological and political challenges that local believers face. Taught by Caspari Center and Jerusalem Seminary theological staff, along with a network of local expert lecturers, “Discovering Jesus” provides an invaluable experience for those studying and communicating the Word of God.

Our next course will be held on May 6 - 17, 2024. Read more here 

“Discovering Jesus in His Jewish Context” will be held in cooperation with Jerusalem Seminary. Although not yet externally accredited, “Discovering Jesus” can be taken for internal credit at Jerusalem Seminary. The Jerusalem Seminary is currently in process of applying for official accreditation.

For more information about earning credits for “Discovering Jesus in His Jewish Context”, please email Dr. Morehouse at: rmorehouse@jerusalemseminary.org

The accredited choice costs an extra fee of 500 NIS.

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Feel free to contact the Caspari Center with any other questions: caspari@caspari.com