The body of Messianic believers in Israel continues to grow spiritually and numerically. As the congregations grow in number, the need for well-trained lay leaders also increases. Most congregations in Israel have one or two staff members, including the pastor. Much of the congregational life is based on the involvement and leadership of lay members.

For three decades, the Caspari Center has existed to raise up and equip young leaders to serve the body of Messiah in Israel. To that end, we've offered courses that have included basic Bible teaching, theological training, and biblically-based practical training for ministry. The courses do not give credit toward a degree, but are specifically designed to equip leaders for service in the local congregations and Messianic ministries. Several hundred students have taken part in our leadership training programs over the years and today serve and pastor in local Messianic congregations and ministries all over Israel.

Our current leadership training courses are built on previous successful programs such as the TELEM and Hearts to Serve programs. Since 2009, we have been focusing on building long-term relationships with specific congregations and groups of believers, and meeting their specific educational needs by offering tailor-made curriculum. Using both our own staff and a vast network of associated teachers and lecturers, we offer courses on subjects including basic principles of leadership, principles of effective teamwork, lay pastoral care, and foundations of the faith. The courses are intended for lay leaders with little to no previous theological education, and are offered in a series of four to six sessions over a period of a few months.


"For me this seminar was a confirmation of the fact that God has not forgotten me and our congregation. I can see how this seminar ignited and inspired the leaders to serve God. I also came to a realization of the importance to clearly formulate the goals of our congregation and to effectively communicate them to the people."

~Pastor Vladimir (Participant in Caspari's leadership training course in Ashkelon)~