About the Library

The Caspari Center library is a valuable resource for any student of Judaism, Christianity, or Messianic Judaism. Centrally located, it is a quiet place of study for both local and international students. The library has 20 individual work stations, and offers free wireless internet access.

Established in 1982, the Caspari Center library currently holds approximately 7,000 titles, with a strong focus on Messianic Judaism, the Jewish roots of Christianity and the history of Jewish believers in Jesus. The majority of our books are in English and Hebrew, with a number of reference and other books in other languages. The library also contains several thousand journal issues. A complete set of our Media Reviews, including the original article clippings, are also archived in the library.

To borrow books from the library, one must be a registered library user, having paid a fee of 100 NIS. A maximum of 4 books may be borrowed for a period of one month, with the option of renewing the loan after this time. A late fee of 5 NIS per book per week will be required for overdue books.