We have made our entire library database available for our users online. Users are now able to search our collection for book titles, journal issues, article titles, and audio lectures online.

About the Library

The Caspari Center library is a valuable resource for any student of Judaism, Christianity, or Messianic Judaism. Started in 1982, the library now holds about 7,000 titles, with a strong focus on the Jewish roots of Christianity and the history of Jewish believers in Jesus. The majority of our books are in English and Hebrew, with a number of reference and other relevant books in German, Norwegian, and Danish. In addition, the library holds several thousand journal issues and hundreds of lectures recorded at the Caspari Center. It also provides access to the Media Review , a weekly summary of articles from the Israeli press on Messianic Jews, Christians, and missions in Israel. You can find complete archives of the published reviews and original article clippings dating back to 1977.

The library is a quiet place of study for both local and international students and scholars. The library holds about 20 reading spaces and offers free wireless internet access. Registered users may borrow books for their studies for up to one month, with the option of renewing the loan after this time.

Library Guidelines

Thank you for using the Caspari Library. We hope that the resources we have available will meet your needs as a user and that the library facility will be an enjoyable place for you study and/or read. Please take the time to read and adhere to the following library policies:

  • Users must sign in upon entering the library and leave bags & backpacks in the reception area.
  • No eating, drinking, speaking on cell phones or talking loudly; please be considerate of other users who are here to study and read; visiting should be done outside the library facility.
  • The library is a fragrance-free facility. Please consider that others may have sensitivity to strong fragrances.
  • In order to sign out books users must register as either a long-term or short-term user. A maximum of 4 books may be borrowed for a 30 day period. Books with red Dewey labels are reference books and may not be taken from the library.
  • Library books may be renewed for a one month period, but this must be done before the due date and renewal is for one time only before it will be necessary to return books to the shelf.
  • Late fees are 5 NIS per week, starting from the due date and due upon return of the book.
  • Lost books must be replaced. The user will be responsible for the cost which will include current replacement and shipping charges.
  • There is no smoking allowed anywhere on the grounds.

Should you have any questions or concerns our library staff will be more than willing to assist you. Thank you for your cooperation.