The Caspari Center Media Review is a weekly synopsis of articles published in the Israeli press. The review focuses primarily on Messianic Jews, Jewish-Christian relations, and Christians in Israel. A complete archive of the reviews and the original article clippings (dating back to 1977) is available in the Caspari Center library in Jerusalem. Reviews from recent years are archived below.

Disclaimer: Please note that the quotes in the review do not reflect the views of the Caspari Center. The articles are quoted or translated verbatim, in order to make the collected material valuable for research purposes. References to Messianic believers and Christians in the land may be biased or prejudiced, and in some instances, inaccurate or even completely false. The views presented in the review are accurately documented so that the reader might gain insight into attitudes toward believers in Israeli society and the development of Jewish-Christian relations in the land.

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Media Review Archive

January 31 – 1997

January 31, 1997 SECULAR ISRAELIS, BEWARE Letter to the Editor, Itton Yerushalayim, Jan.10 1997 Throughout all the years of the ...
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January 14 – 1997

Jerusalem, Jan. 14 1997 ORTHODOX STAGE POGROM IN BNEI-BRAK HOME OF SUSPECTED MISSIONARY Ma’ariv, Dec. 17 1996 An angry crowd ...
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August 29 – 1996

THE CASPARI CENTER MEDIA REVIEW OUR SAVIOUR'S SABBATH Kol Ha'ir, August 2 1996, by V. Kelner On a Saturday morning, ...
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