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July-August 2017 Prayer Calendar

“Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name, your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven…” (Matthew 6:9-10)


It is a temptation for each one of us to come to God with a list of our needs and wants and call it prayer. We recognize that even the format of a prayer calendar like this seems to support this very temptation. God loves us, and cares more than we can imagine about every single concern on those lists. But his love for us is meant to re-shape us into the image of his beloved Son. Prayer changes us and the circumstances in our lives when we seek first his kingdom, and submit to doing his will only. Pastor A.W. Tozer once said, “Let a man set his heart only in doing the will of God and he is instantly free.”


We bring this list of our needs and concerns to you so together, we can first and foremost partner in our desire to seek first God’s kingdom in everything we do, and surrender to his good and perfect will for this ministry. We are grateful for your continued partnership in prayer for us. Your prayers avail much.


Below, you’ll find our prayer requests for July and August.



Pray today the prayer Yeshua gave to his disciples in Matthew 6:9-13. What does seeking his kingdom look like in your context? What areas of your life do you need to surrender to his will? Thank him that he is at work in your life, family, congregation, and community – and he wants to use you to accomplish his will.



We are grateful to God for sending us Olan from Norway for two months: he installed the new library system successfully and was a true blessing for the team. Please pray for new ministry volunteers to join our team in Jerusalem, preferably for longer term. We are in need of volunteers with hearts to serve. Experience in computer networks, websites, programming and/or public relations would also be greatly appreciated!



Please pray for members of the Caspari Center staff traveling in and out of Israel this summer. Pray especially for our CEO Elisabeth, who will have speaking engagements at two conferences in Norway in July; that those present at the conferences will catch the vision for how God is at work drawing Jewish people to himself, and how Caspari serves that vision. Lift up David, our Director of International Studies, before the Lord, for blessed, inspiring and fruitful networking during upcoming conferences.



Caspari Center has been involved in the BridgeBuilders reconciliation project since 2007. BridgeBuilders brings together young people from Messianic Jewish, Christian Palestinian/Israeli Arab, and Christian Norwegian backgrounds. This first portion of the conference will take place in Norway, at the turn of July-August. Please pray for true unity between the participants, and for our Caspari Center staff member who will be teaching at the conference.



Please pray for the summer camps and conferences held for Messianic youth and children, here in Israel and elsewhere. Pray for the participants, teachers and all who are involved. These gatherings have had a powerful, life-changing impact on the young people, and many have dedicated their lives to the Lord at such camps.



Please pray for our upcoming fall events: Shabbat School Seminars, Open Lectures, online teaching and various other activities. Pray that these efforts would be pleasing to the Lord in every way, and bear much fruit for his glory. In addition, please join us in prayer for the continued publishing of Mishkan, for all the details of it and for us to connect with the right academic contributors.



Please intercede for the Orthodox and modern Orthodox communities here in Israel. Pray that these people who are seeking God would have their eyes and hearts opened, and that they and their families would recognize Yeshua when they read their bibles, and accept him as their Messiah.