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April 2018 Prayer Calendar

Passover begins this year at sundown on Friday, March 30th, and continues through April 7th. It is helpful to note that what we typically call Passover encompasses three different, sequential movements described in Leviticus 23:4-14:

  • Passover begins at sundown on the fourteenth day of the Hebrew springtime month of Nisan. This is when the ceremonial meal and retelling of the Exodus account of God’s deliverance of his people from slavery in Egypt is to take place.
  • The Feast of Unleavened Bread begins the next day, on the fifteenth day of Nisan, and lasts for seven days. During both Passover and the ensuing Feast of Unleavened Bread, the people were to eat matzo and present offerings to the Lord. The first and last days of this feast are Sabbaths calling the people together to worship God and bring offerings. It is important to note that on the first night of this feast, a fifty-day “count up” (known as counting the omer) to the next major feast, Shavuot/Pentecost, begins.
  • The Feast of Firstfruits occurs on the sixteenth day of Nisan. After arriving in the Promised Land, the Israelites were to bring the cream of the new crop of barley along with other offerings before God.

The Passover is at the core of Jewish identity, and is central to Yeshua’s final days on earth, his sacrifice for us, and his resurrection. He is the Lamb of God, whose blood covers our sins. He is the Resurrection and the Life, inviting all who believe into eternal life with him. The celebration of the Resurrection of Yeshua is Sunday, April 1st this year in the West, and Sunday, April 8th for most churches in the Eastern Orthodox family.


May your celebration of God’s deliverance in this season be full of joy!


We are grateful for your continued partnership in prayer for this ministry. Below are our prayer requests for the month of April.





Reflect on the relationship between God’s deliverance of the Chosen People from slavery in Egypt, and God’s deliverance of you from the slavery of sin and death through Yeshua. Give him thanks for doing for you what you could never do for yourself. Praise the risen Savior!




Join us in thanking God for a new Finnish ministry partner. Our partners provide consistent financial and prayer support for our work. We are grateful for the relationships we have with each one of our partners!




Please lift up by name our staff members: Elisabeth, Alec, Rita, Jennifer, Sheila, David, Sanna, and Michelle, and our ministry volunteers Martha, Maria, Henriette, Emilia and Hiromi. Pray also for the visa challenges faced by our staff members in Finland. Ask God to make a way for their soon return.




We are looking forward to hosting a study experience here in Israel entitled Discovering Jesus in His Jewish Context, from April 23rd through May 4th. Please pray for the preparations and for the process of finalizing lectures and field trips to various sites in the Land. Pray, too, that participants will encounter Jesus in new and deeper ways while they’re here.




In 1999, the Caspari Center published a groundbreaking study entitled Facts & Myths About the Messianic Movement in Israel. Now, twenty years and much growth later, it is time to revise this book. Pray for the project, which has been both time- and cost-intensive. And pray that we will do the research and interviewing of pastors with wisdom and insight, and will have the mind of Christ as we analyze and disseminate the data we gather.




We are preparing for the national Shabbat school seminar in Netanya. We need God’s guidance for each facet of this important equipping event. We will be involved in another important next generation equipping event in April, with the second half of the BridgeBuilders reconciliation program. This part of the conference will take place in Jordan during Passover. Join us blessing the young believing Israeli Jewish, Israeli/Palestinian Arab and Norwegian participants.




Pray for the peace and safety of Israel during this time, as the possibility of the outbreak of war on Israel’s northern border appears to be growing daily. Pray also for the innocent suffering civilians in Syria and Iran.