Upcoming Books and Journals

An important part of the ministry of Caspari is to facilitate scholarly research and to produce books, journals, and study materials for local believers in Israel as well as for Christians from around the world. Our scholarly and popular publications focus primarily on the importance of the Jewish roots of the Christian faith and the history, theology, and current development of the Messianic Jewish movement.


Currently we are involved in producing the following publications:

Jewish Believers in Jesus (Vol. 2)

Jewish Believers in Jesus – A History

This is one of our most strategically important research projects, and has been under way for the last ten years. The goal of the research is to gather and publish data that accurately portrays the history of Jewish believers in Jesus from antiquity until today. This narrative challenges both Jews and Christians to rethink common misperceptions and gives Jewish believers in Jesus access to their own history. This project brings to light an often-neglected chapter of both church history and Jewish history. This project has been developed in partnership with MF – The Norwegian Lutheran School of Theology.

Chief Editor Dr. Oskar Skarsaune and Project Director Dr. Reidar Hvalvik have completed the first volume of research, Jewish Believers in Jesus: The Early Centuries. This volume, which covers the first 500 years of church history, was published by Hendrickson Publishers in 2007 and has received wide acclaim.



"[The History of Jewish Believers in Jesus] is a first-rate contribution by top scholars to our understanding of Jews who believed in Jesus during the first few centuries of Christianity. This is a comprehensive work of meticulous and careful scholarship that should be the standard reference on the subject for years to come."

~Jeffrey S. Siker, Ph.D., Professor and Chair, Department of Theological Studies, Loyola Marymount University~



A shorter summary of this research, written by Dr. Skarsaune, was published in 2005 as issue #45 of the journal Mishkan, under the title: We Have Found the Messiah – Jewish Believers in Antiquity.
It is available for free here: 

Our hope is to see the completion of the project with a third volume being produced covering the modern era. Some research material for this volume has already been collected and work on this volume will commence once volume two has been completed.

Journal of the Jesus Movement in its Jewish Setting

Journal of the Jesus Movement in Its Jewish Setting JJMJS is a new interdisciplinary peer-reviewed online journal, published in cooperation with Eisenbrauns.

Available here

A rich variety of Jewish and Christian traditions and identities mutually shaped one another in the centuries-long course of Roman Late Antiquity. A no less rich variety of scholarly approaches – from the history of Christian Origins to that of the late empire, from archaeology to Dead Sea Scrolls, from Rabbinics to Patristics – has in recent years converged upon this period, the better to understand its religious and social dynamics. JJMJS seeks to facilitate and to encourage such scholarly investigations across disciplinary boundaries, and to make the results of cutting-edge research available to a worldwide audience.

JJMJS is free of charge with complete open access. The journal is published in cooperation with Eisenbrauns and is available in hard copy, which can be ordered from Eisenbrauns "here"

The editorial committee consists of the following scholars: Prof. Rainer Riesner (University of Dortmund), Dr. Torleif Elgvin (Evangelical Lutheran University College, Oslo), and Dr. Anders Runesson (McMaster University) as co-editors; Knut H. Høyland (Caspari Center) as managing editor; and Andreas Johansson (NCMI) as editorial secretary.

In addition we have an editorial board consisting of 13 distinguished scholars from around the world.

The journal was launched on 20th October 2014 and is free of charge with complete open access.

List of Publications

The Caspari Center has produced dozens of books and journals since 1982. Many of these publications are tools for congregational and ministry work in Israel, others are theological publications focusing on the Messianic movement and the Jewish roots of the Christian faith. In order to reach out to a wide audience, several books have been produced in multiple languages.

Most of our publications are available for purchase at the Caspari Center in Jerusalem and in our online store.

Ministry, Discipleship, and Family Publications:

The Parables of Jesus, by Heidi Tohmola (children's activity book in Hebrew)

Simon Peter – The Friend of Jesus, by Heidi Tohmola (children's activity book in Hebrew)

Miracles, by Heidi Tohmola (children's activity book in Hebrew)

The Lord is My Shepherd, by Heidi Tohmola (children's activity book in Hebrew)

In His Hand, (children's song book in Hebrew)

Raising Children in the Fear of the Lord (Hebrew, English, Russian, Amharic)

Guiding and Teaching the Next Generation (Hebrew)

The Hebrew – Amharic Diglot Bible


Bible Studies:

Walking with Jesus through the Jewish Calendar Participant's Manual (English)

Walking with Jesus through the Jewish Calendar Leader's Manual (English)

Passover Seder (Resource CD)

Biblical Ethics, by Ray Pritz (Hebrew, English, Russian, Arabic)

How to Study Scriptures, by Baruch Maoz (Hebrew, English, Russian)

Hebrews, by Ray Pritz (Hebrew, Russian, English)

Psalms, by Walter Riggans (Hebrew)

Romans, by Oskar Skarsaune (Hebrew, Russian, English)

Luke, by Baruch Maoz (Hebrew)

Acts of the Apostles, by Ole Chr. Kvarme (Hebrew, English)

Genesis, by Jerry Lund (Hebrew)

Teacher's Guide – Genesis, (Amharic)


Theology, History, and Surveys:

Jewish Believers in Jesus – The Early Centuries, Oskar Skarsaune and Reidar Hvalvik, eds. (English)

In the Shadow of the Temple, by Oskar Skarsaune (English)

And the Children Struggled – The Church and the Jews through History, by Ray Pritz (Hebrew, English)

We Have Found the Messiah – Jewish Believers in Antiquity, by Oskar Skarsaune (English)

Nazarene Jewish Christianity, by Ray Pritz (English)

The Jewish Roots of the New Testament, by Oskar Skarsaune (Hebrew, Russian)

Jewish Influences in the Early Church, by Oskar Skarsaune (Hebrew, Russian)

The Church History of Eusebius of Caesarea (Hebrew)

The Dead Sea Scrolls and the Study of Scripture, by Magnus Riska (Hebrew, English)

Mapping Messianic Jewish Theology, by Richard Harvey (English)

Facts and Myths about the Messianic Congregations in Israel, Kai Kjær-Hansen and Bodil Skjøtt, eds. (English)

Jewish Identity & Faith in Jesus, Kai Kjær-Hansen, ed. (English) (downloadable PDF)

Israel and Yeshua (English)

Jospeh Rabinowitz and the Messianic Movement, by Kai Kjær-Hansen (English, Hebrew, Russian)

The Death of Messiah, Kai Kjær-Hansen, ed. (English, Hebrew, Danish)



Mishkan – A Forum on the Gospel and the Jewish People (English)

JJMJS - Journal of the Jesus Movement in its Jewish Setting (English)