Caspari Center has built up a collection of academic lecture recordings over the years. All the lectures have been given as part of Caspari Center's teaching ministry in Israel, and we are pleased to make this valuable resource available to a larger audience. Open Lecture recordings are available free of charge for streaming and downloading. The full collection of recordings is available at the Caspari Center library in Jerusalem.

Audio Archive

Open Lecture – 08.04.14

Title: The History of Christian Support for Israel
Speaker: Juergen Buehler

Open Lecture – 11.03.14

Title: The First Messianic Movement and its Relationship to the Jewish Community in the Time of Jesus
Speaker: Vered Hillel

Open Lecture – 11.02.14

Title: Priestly Messiahs in the Bible, Dead Sea Scroll, and Hebrews
Speaker: Torleif Elgvin

Open Lecture – 28.01.14

Title: Yeshua – Mentor and Teacher
Speaker: Efraim Goldstein