The future of the body of Messiah in Israel is in the hands of the next generation of children and youth who are growing up today in believing homes around the country. Living in a society that is mostly hostile to faith in Yeshua, families and congregations need to provide the young generation with a firm foundation in their faith, so that they can withstand the opposition they will experience among friends, in school, in the military, and in the workplace. For this reason, children's and youth ministry in the congregations in Israel is of vital importance. The Caspari Center Shabbat school seminars are today the primary venue for teaching and equipping lay workers for children's ministry within the Messianic movement in Israel. Since 1997, the Caspari Center has offered seminars for children and youth workers from all over Israel.


The purpose of these seminars is to provide high quality teaching and training and to be a venue for networking and mutual encouragement for the teachers. Lectures and workshops are delivered by experienced local Israeli pastors, teachers, and leaders. In addition, various publishing houses that produce teaching materials for children and youth are present to introduce their newest materials. Twice a year, 100–150 teachers gather for our national seminars held in Netanya. As the number of new believers grows, so does the number of children in these young congregations. There is a great need for trained children's workers. In recent years, we have expanded our teaching program to reach out to new groups of teachers. In addition to the national seminars, since 2009 we have hosted an additional seminar in Beer Sheva for the residents of the southern part of Israel, and a special seminar in Russian for the many Russian-speaking believers in the country.


"Before Caspari Center started the Shabbat School Seminars there wasn't much training available in Israel. Caspari brought people together country wide to learn and to share their experiences and knowledge. Through the seminars I have got many ideas on how to develop the work in our own congregation. I find it very encouraging to see so many people involved in children's ministry. I'm especially happy to see more awareness of the need to teach children already at an early age. Caspari Center is an excellent channel to supply teaching and literature to help parents in raising their children."

~Debbie, Shabbat school teacher~