The Caspari Center has a mixed Israeli and international staff who work together with a broad network of associate teachers, lecturers, and scholars.

Director of International StudiesDavid Serner

David Serner has served with the Caspari Center as Director of International Studies since 2014. He holds a Masters in Theology from the University of Copenhagen. He is the project leader for the research published in Jesus-Believing Israelis: Exploring Messianic Fellowships.  David lives in Jerusalem with his wife Elisabeth and two kids.

David Serner - Director of International Studies

Israel Director:  Alexander Goldberg



Alec Goldberg (M.Sc.) has served as Israel Director of the Caspari Center since 2009. His primary responsibility is development and oversight of the Center's ministry to local Messianic congregations. He has been living in Jerusalem, Israel, since 2003, at which time he immigrated from Russia together with his family.                                                              

Alec Goldberg


Project Coordinator



Administrator, Editor, Bookkeeper

Board of Directors and Partners Council

The Caspari Center is governed by the Caspari Center International Board. Members of the International Board are approved by the Caspari Center Partners Council. The Partners Council consists of representatives of international partner organizations and meets once a year.


Board Members

James C. Galvin

Board member since 2004
Elgin, Illinois, USA

Per R. Eriksen

Board member since 2008
Fredrikstad, Norway

Magnus Riska

Board member since 2008
Helsinki, Finland

Howard Bass

Board member since 2016
Beer Sheva, Israel

Jarle Råmundal

CEO of NCMI, Board member since 2023

Wes Taber

Board member since 2020
Lansing, Illinois, USA