The Caspari Center offers a variety of accredited and non-accredited study tours in the Holy Land. Our tours allow pastors, Bible teachers, mission workers, and theology students to experience the land of the Bible. They'll also gain a deeper understanding of the biblical text, the Jewish roots of the Christian faith, and the social and religious context of Jesus and the early church.

In addition, participants get to know local Messianic and Arab believers, understand the needs for outreach and ministry in the land, and gain an inside view of the theological and political challenges that local believers face. Using Caspari tour guides and a wide network of local expert lecturers, we can provide an experience that will be of immense value to anyone studying and communicating the Word of God.

Pastors Tours

The Caspari Center offers 10–14 day study and pilgrimage tours for pastors and Bible teachers with the possibility to have local lecturers and guides. These tours are designed specifically according to the needs and interests of the specific group

Accredited Theological Courses

In cooperation with recognized theological institutions, the Caspari Center offers academically accredited theological courses. These courses are taught using a combination of visiting teachers from the accrediting institution and Caspari's wide network of local lecturers who are experts in their field. In addition, we provide certified guides, access to our unique library and study facilities, and practical coordination for the entire course.

The theological course option is available for universities and other educational institutions that wish to offer a course taught in Jerusalem/Israel. These are typically short, intensive courses ranging from two to four weeks, which combine teaching at the Caspari Center with field trips to relevant historic sites in the country.