Mishkan Issue 15, 1991 – History of Missionary Activity in Israel

Articles:  “Michael Solomon Alexander and the Controversial Jerusalem Bishopric” “James and Elizabeth Finn: Missionary Activity in Jerusalem 1848-1863” “A Real Son of Zion: Ben Zion Freidman and the Jewish Mission at Safed” “Harcourt Samuel: Hebrew Christian Leader” “A Missionary Journey to Paletine with Bonar and McCheyne in 1839” “Rabbi Daniel Zion: Chief Rabbi of Bulgarian […]

Mishkan Issue 14, 1991 – History of Jewish Christians and Missions

Articles:  “Jewish Christians and Missions in the Western Diaspora” “Josef Rabionwitz – The Herzl of Jewish Christianity” “Hungary, the Jews and the Gospel: 150A.D to 1950 A.D.” “Jewish Mission in Romania” “Franz Delitzsch, Scholar and Missionary” “Herman Strack’s Contributions to Jewish Missions” “Gustav Dalman and Jewish Missions” “History of the International Hebrew Christian Alliance”