Mishkan Issue 19, 1993 – Jewish Evangelism and Biblical Ethics

Articles:  “Jewish Evangelism and Biblical Ethics” “Ethics in Jewish Evangelism” “An Ethical War: The Struggle for Integrity in Jewish Evangelism in North America” “Ethics in Jewish Evangelism in Britain” “Ethical Evangelism and EVangelistic Ethics – An Israeli View” “Coming Clean: Jewish or Christian?” “Image and Reality: The Use of Jewish Symbolism by Messianic Jews” “Implications […]

Mishkan Issue 17-18, 1993 – The Jerusalem School of Synoptic Studies

Articles:  “Jewish View of Jesus through the Ages” “Yehoshua, Yeshua, Jesus and Yeshu” “Recovering the ‘Inspired Text’?” with response “The Attitude of Jesus to the Temple” “Why I am a Member of the Jerusalem School” “A New Approach to the Synoptic Gospels” “It is Said to the Elders” “Talmudic Literature as an Historical Source for […]