Mishkan Issue 21, 1994 – Replacement Theology

Articles:  “Ten Years of Jewish Evangelism” “An Assessment of ‘Replacement Theology’” “Replacing the Jews in Early Christian Theology” “Replacement Theology – Anti-Replacement Theology (Five Statements)” “The Neglected Story of Christian Philo-Semitism in Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages” “The Problem of Two-Covenant Theology”  

Mishkan Issue 20, 1994 – Apostle Paul/Rav Shau’l

Articles:  “The Apostle to the Gentiles?” “The Misunderstood Apostle?” “My Yiddishe Paul?” “Anglican Mission to Israel 1948-1980” “Arne Jonsen – A Pioneer in Israel, 1924-1929” “Luke’s Special Tradition and the Question of a Hebrew Gospel Source” “The Issue of the Inspired Text: A Rejoinder to David Bivin” “The New Testamet in Hebrew Garb”