Mishkan Issue 25, 1996 – Messianic Jews and Liturgy

Articles:  “Messianic Jews and the Liturgies of Judaism” “Worship the New Testament – Remapping the Land” “The Use of Liturgy in the Messianic Community” “The Place of the Siddur in the Messianic Community” “The Siddur in Israeli Congregations” “Two Nineteenth Century Hebrew “Siddurim” “Worship in an Israeli Messianic Lutheran Congregation” “Meeting the Needs – Siddur […]

Mishkan Issue 24, 1996 – The Acts of the Holy Spirit

Articles:  “The Acts of Holy Spirit” “Christology in the Early Jersalem Community” “Paul, the Jew – According to Acts” “Were the Hellenists ‘Liberals’?” “A Light to the Nation – A Jewish Perspective” “Jewish and Gentile Evangelism: Acts 17 as a Paradigm” “Jewish Evangelism and the Gentiles World” “Gentile Believers among Messianic Believers” “From the Israeli […]