December 31 – 1997

  16/12/97   PREPARE FOR THE COMING OF THE MESSIAHS Arim, Nov.14 1997, by D. Golan   This article is a comparison of two groups, each awaiting the coming of the Messiah. Their Messiah. On the one hand is Rabbi Maman of the Chabad Hasidim; on the other, Eitan Kashtan, a member of the Messianic […]

November 30 – 1997

MAC MEDIA CAMPAIGN The Messianic Action Committee has begun placing ads in the country’s major newspapers: The Jerusalem Post, Ma’ariv and Ha’Aretz. The first ad reproduced here appeared in all three papers on Sept.29, and the second in the Hebrew papers on Oct.31 and in the Post on Nov.5 1997.   Concerning the Bill for […]

August 31 – 1997

  “JESUS, JESUS, I’M COMING TO YOU” Yedi’ot Aharonot, August 6 1997   “Jesus, Jesus, where are you? / Jesus, do you love me?  …….  Jesus, Jesus, who am I? …… Jesus, Jesus, I’m coming to you …..” (translated from a Hebrew translation of the English original). Not your typical Jewish song, but Aviv Gefen, […]

July 31 – 1997

BUYING YOUR WAY TO HEAVEN Itton Yerushalayim; Ba’Makom; Ayalon; Kol HaDarom; June 20, 1997   These four identical articles focus on the increasing missionary activity in Israel’s Ethiopian community. Until now, the subject has been taboo, for fear of adding yet another reason for the immigrants to be suspect and unacceptable to “normal” Israelis. But […]

June 30 – 1997

THE CASE FOR (OR AGAINST) JESUS Kol Ha’Ir, May 23 1997, by M. Sfarad   In late 1948, at Israel’s newly formed Supreme Court, the judges were called to a secret meeting. Before them was the first in a string of appeals asking for a retrial of Jesus of Nazareth. The appeal, made anonymously by […]

May 31 – 1997

SCHOOL VIOLENCE Yedi’ot Ha’Galil, April 11 1997, by S. Vada   Two children of a Messianic Jewish family in Nazareth have been the target of violent attacks by their peers. The brothers, students in a public high-school, have been called “Hitler,” “anti-Semites” and “missionaries,” and were recently beat up by a group of students from […]

April 30 – 1997

THE WORLD ACCORDING TO YATED NE’EMAN Yated Ne’eman English Edition, March 28 1997   This article is part one of a review of the battles over the “heavenly Jerusalem” – the city’s aspects of sanctity and spirituality. It focuses on the “missionary” hospitals of the 19th century and later battles against the screening of movies […]

March 31 – 1997

STRANGE HOW WE TREAT THEM  -&- GENTILE VOLUNTEERS NO LONGER SO WELCOME The Jerusalem Post, Feb.14 1997   These companion articles appeared in a section devoted to Israelis’ attitudes to the “Strangers among us.”  They focus on the hurdles encountered by Christians who want to stay here long-term and work or volunteer in various places. […]

February 28 – 1997

ELDERLY HOLOCAUST SURVIVOR IS DECLARED A MISSIONARY BY ORTHODOX Itton Yerushalayim, Jan.24 1997   David Bar Meir, a 71 year old resident of Mea Shearim, has been branded a missionary and a pervert by orthodox elements who went so far as to hang posters calling on the public to beat and stone him. The problems […]

January 31 – 1997

January 31, 1997   SECULAR ISRAELIS, BEWARE Letter to the Editor, Itton Yerushalayim, Jan.10 1997   Throughout all the years of the Jewish people’s existence, we were always warned against the Christian missionaries who wanted to convert us. But compared to the shocking Jewish missionary message of Rabbi Leah Kook at a gathering of newly […]