January 14 – 1997

Jerusalem, Jan. 14 1997   ORTHODOX STAGE POGROM IN BNEI-BRAK HOME OF SUSPECTED MISSIONARY Ma’ariv, Dec. 17 1996   An angry crowd of orthodox youth mobbed a Bnei-Brak apartment house on Saturday afternoon, throwing rocks and smashing the windows of a flat occupied by a 21 year old Armenian immigrant suspected of being a missionary. […]

MIshkan Issue 27, 1997 – Messianic Jews and Acadamic Work

Articles:  “Foundations of the Modern Messianic Jewish Movement” “‘Messianic Jews’ in Eretz Israel (1917-1967)” “Messianic Jewish Congregations in North America” “The Making of a Tradition: Jewish Christianity” “Inner-Bibical Perspectives on Messianic Prophecy” “Dissertation Re-visited 13 Years Later” “An Introduction to the (New) Jewish Universalists” “Zion in the Theology of L. Averbuch and S. Rehold” “The […]

Mishkan Issue 26, 1997 – The Messiainc Jewish Movement and the Land

Articles:  “O Land, Land, Land, hear the Word of the Lors” “One Land, Two Peoples – How Many States” “Eretz Israel: Whose Land?” “The Land of Israel in Scripture” “Messianic Judaism and the Theology of the Land” “Jerusalem, the Holy City?” “The Borders of the Land of Israel According to Ezekiel” “Early Christian Zionists and […]