February 28 – 1998

THE ULTIMATE JEWISH PLURALISTS The Jerusalem Post, Jan.9 1998, by Jonathan Rosenblum   Shortly after Reform and Conservative leaders hit upon the winning strategy of telling their followers that Orthodox Jews do not consider them Jewish, a remarkable full-page ad appeared in The New York Times. Entitled “A word of advice to 80 percent to […]

January 31 – 1998

I AM NOT A MISSIONARY Itton Yerushalayim, Dec.12 1997   This is the story of David Bar-Meir, who at the age of 71 has found himself in a battle with the Yad L’Achim anti-missionary organization. Bar-Meir, an orthodox resident of Mea She’arim, has dared to go against the flow. His sin: belief that Jesus was […]

MIshkan Issue 29, 1998 – Messianic Jewish Worship

Articles: “Kol Ha Yeshua and Other Voices” “Jewish Christian Paradigms in Israel” “The Theology of Messianic Congregations” “Sing unto the Lord a New Song” “Bible Translation and Publication” “A ‘Messianic Jewish Community in Eretz-Israel?” “the Catholic Jewish Community in Israel” “Messianic Jews and Missionaries”  

Mishkan Issue 28, 1998 – Missions in Israel 1948-1998

Articles:  “Mission and Evangelization in Israel 1948-1998” “The Messianic Movement in Israel – a Personal Perspective” “Attempts to Establish a ‘Messianic Jewish Church’” “External Problems” “Hebreq Christianity in the Holy Land from 1948 to the Present” “Trends and Circumstances Within the Hebrew-Speaking Churches in Israel” “Letter to Mishkan”