Mishkan Issue 56, 2008 – The Uniqueness of Christ and the Jewish People

Articles: “The Berlin Declaration” “Amsterdam 1948 – Berlin 2008” “The Berlin Declaration” “Messianic Jewish Reflections on the Holocaust and Jewish Evangelism” “The Forgiveness of Sin According to Early Christianity and Judaism” “Replacement Theology with Implications for Messianic Jewish Relations” “Engaging Two-Covenant Theology: Drawing Countours” “Karl Barth, The Jewish People, and Jewish Evangelism” “Implicit Universalism in […]

man standing with his bible open and the city of Jerusalem in the background

January 3 – 2008

Caspari Center Media Review………….January 3, 2008   During the week covered by this review, we received 34 articles on the subjects of Messianic Jews, attitudes towards Christianity, anti-missionary activities, Christians in Israel, and Christian Zionism. Of these:   2 dealt with Messianic Judaism 4 dealt with attitudes towards Christianity (Christmas) 3 dealt with anti-missionary activity […]

Mishkan Issue 55, 2008 – Israel, the Land and Christian Zionism

Articles: “The Land and Different Interpretations” “Two Statements” “Israel and the Land – Continuity and Transformation in Christ” “A Critque of Christian Zionism” “A Response to Tony Highton’s ‘Critique of Christian Zionism” “Stephen Sizer and Anti-Zionism” “Concerns and Hopes for Our Messianic Movement” “First ‘Organized’ Bible-work in 19th Century Jerusalem, Part VII”  

Mishkan Issue 54, 2008 – Jewish Evangelism – Muslim Evangelism

Articles: “Muslim and Jewish Evangelism” “Israel: 60 Years and Lost Lives” “Muslim Evangelism: Why Would This Be in Our View” “The Lives of Arab Muslims Who Choose the Christian Faith” “Muslim Background Converts” “A Reflection Upon Our Witness in the Muslim World” “Messianic Jews and Muslim Evangelism” “First ‘Organized’ Bible-work in 19th Century Jerusalem, Part […]