Mishkan Issue 68, 2011 – Singing the Lord’s Song in Zion

Articles: “A Word from the Editor” “Shir Chadash” “Aesthetic Messianic Apologetics” “What is Jewish Music?” “Music in the Bible” “Settings of Silver” “Royal Work for the King in Jerusalem” “The Resurrection of Jesus in Contemporary Jewish Scholarship” “And a Time to Speak” “Recent Books Relevant for Jewish Missions” “Book Review:  Biography of Ruth with the […]

Mishkan Issue 67, 2011 – When Israel was in the Pulpit

Articles: “A Word from the Editor” “God’s purpose in Israel” “Our duty to Israel” “Jesus the Messiah” “The Restoration and Conversion of the Jews” “Palestine Reconsecrated” “What the Church left behind, Part 2” “Book Review: Has the Church Replaced Israel”  

Mishkan Issue 66, 2011 – Jewish Evangelism in a Postmodern Context

Articles: “A Word from the Editor” “An Evangelical Perspective on Postmodernity” “The Shaping of a Postmodern Messianic Community” “St. Thomas Knanaya Christians of India and the Jews of Malabar” “Theological Reflections on Anti-Semitism” “What the Church Left Behind, Part 1” “News from the Israeli Scene”