January 26 – 2020

During the week covered by this review, we received 7 articles on the following subjects:   Bible / Biblical Scholarship Anti-Missionary Attitudes Interfaith Dialogue Anti-Semitism Political Issues   The Bible Gilui Da’at, January 17, 2020 This was a column about the common division of the bible into chapters and verses. The author argued that the […]

December 29 – 2019

During the week covered by this review, we received 23 articles on the following subjects:   Christian and Jewish Holidays   Christian and Jewish Holidays   Yedioth Ahronoth, December 20, 2019; Yedioth HaDarom, December 20, 2019; Star HaDarom, December 20, 2019; HaShavua BaDarom, December 20, 2019; Aliton, December 19, 2019   These articles reported on […]

December 22 – 2019

During the week covered by this review, we received 12 articles on the following subjects:   Political Issues Christian Tourism Christian/Jewish Holidays Christianity Interfaith Relations   Political Issues   Haaretz, December 15, 2019; The Jerusalem Post, December 13, 2019; Haaretz, December 16, 2019   Out of about 1,200 Palestinian Christians living in Gaza, 951 requested […]

a lot of different hanukkiot, all lit up

December Dilemma

Alec Goldberg, Israel Director As a Russian Jew, I don’t think I had even heard of Hanukkah before the glasnost times. My parents themselves, though each fully Jewish, weren’t aware of the meaning of Passover, let alone the less significant Jewish holidays. In the USSR, believing in God and going public about it was not […]

teaching a group of students of the Discovering Jesus study tour

Grateful for this autumn!

Sanna Erelä, Project Coordinator We have had a very active autumn at the Caspari Center, and have launched some exciting new projects. Follow along with us through the semester and enjoy the pictures! Our new children’s ministry video course began in November – you’re invited to read more about that here. Seminars and courses In […]

main presenters of the Taboo Forum lecture

The “Taboo” Forum: Discussing Difficult Issues

Sanna Erelä, Project Coordinator We have embarked on a new project in collaboration with Machaseh, a non-profit charity association. The project is a “Taboo” Forum discussion panel which will address topics most of us would generally prefer to avoid. The first discussion panel, on November 26th, was on the topic of domestic violence. We had […]

teacher teaching children in Shabbat School

Children’s ministry is now online!

Margarita Kantor & Sanna Erelä, Project Coordinators, with Jennifer N. In just the past few years, our Shabbat school seminars have served over 600 people from around 120 local Messianic congregations. As much as we rejoice in having reached so many people, we are aware that there are always people who wish to participate, but […]