Teacher Training Platform

When we first envisioned the joint Caspari Center and Medallion online training platform for children’s teachers, “I Want to Teach”, we thought of how it could benefit the hundreds of teachers in Israeli Messianic congregations whose challenge it is to educate children in Shabbat school. These teachers have a great desire to serve, but many don’t have the necessary training. We decided to equip them by selecting 20 key topics that every Shabbat School (or Sunday School) teacher should know, such as: “Child Development (physical, mental and social abilities),” “Spiritual Development of the Child,” “Building the Lesson,” “Goals and Self-checking,” “Discipline,” and more.

Each student can choose one or more topics to learn, but the most effective strategy is to complete the full course of 20 topics.

For more information in Hebrew about topics and learning possibilities, visit our online platform “I Want to Teach” or contact us at: caspari@caspari.com.

Here is some feedback from our students:

“I study the topics without stressing, and watch each video lesson over and over. Sometimes I feel that I would like to go deeper into certain topics, but overall this format really suits my schedule.” – A

“Thank you for the lessons – they are clear, concise and filled with practical advice. Dividing each topic into three distinct lessons is really convenient.” – M

“The lessons helped me relate to my ministry with a greater sense of purpose. I prepare for my lesson more seriously than before. And in class, I employ the new techniques I’ve learned.” – D

See what Israeli congregational leaders think of our new course:

Want to be involved? Help us include children’s teachers in Israel who cannot afford the studies on their own.